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Many GVCS projects build upon other prior art that is already in the open source domain. Other projects rely on contributions of professionals who are willing to share IP based on the for-benefit mission of Open Source Ecology. Other projects are more in the IP Rescue category - where OSE either unburies and publishes hard-to-find materials - or pays developers outright to open-source their IP. The latter works particularly well with consultants, who may not be interested in starting their own businesses - so they are willing to generate open IP as long as they are paid. The most challenging case for opening up desirable IP is when developers think, in nearly all cases erroneously - they will be making millions with their innovations - unaware that only 97% of Patents Never Make Any Money, and that 3 of 4 Startups Fail - making the chance of a patent achieving its goals less than 1%. For these potential collaborators, we propose that collaborating for the common good is likely to produce more financial benefit to an individual - unless that individual is an Elon Musk or similar. Here are some projects that OSE is currently negotiating.

Modern Steam Engine Plan

[ edit]

Existing components:

Gasifier + Heat Exchanger

  • Take Roundy design and modify:
    • Separate Burn Chamber from Heat Exchange Chamber
    • Design it for fuel pellets only for first design to make it compact
  • Test-Driven Design:
    • Make burner module, separate from heat exchanger module. This will be our universal heat source - space heater applications - foundry applications, steam engine applications, dryer applications - module based design
    • Reduce size of burner by running only on pellets to simplify fabrication.
    • Initially, use a closable feed hole on top to facilitate design.
    • Add hopper on top for pellet fuel batch feeding 'fuel tank'.
    • Add auger later for a separate fuel container
    • Make Separate Heat Exchanger Module. Use existing Pancake Coil.
    • Make other heat exchanger geometries to replace pancake coil - helical coil sets.

Heavy Duty CNC Gantry Mill

See CNC Gantry Mill


  • Production cost of large engine block CNC mill are $175k
  • CNC controller with motors is $35k from Germany

Next steps:

  • Marcin transfers mechanical projects to Audrey and Gary - and I move on to precision machining development.