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Immersion 4 year program of learning to build anything, starting with collaborative design and building the Seed Eco-Home. By invoking a 3x10 immersion work schedule, 1 day of technical training (CAD, programming, AI, digital fabrication, and other abundance studies), and 2 days of learning how to learn starting with Moral Intelligence to drive intellectual and emotional excellence (Edge of Knowledge concept), we gain personal and professional mastery on a journey to Integrated Humanity.

This provides some level of pay like work-study typically does. This is industry standard, as 80% of all students apprarently work from 24-33 hours per week while in college. See Working Students.

Potential work-study pay could lie anywhere from outlier pay to minimum wage according to one's own pace using competency-based testing. For this, careful data collection on efficient tasking is required.

The concept is to bridge the gap between blue collar and white collar work, and the key is integration. The white collar candidate must expand to significant physical skills, and the blue collar candidate must expand to significant mental prowess. Common ground to all is moral intelligence - or empowerment to action about the state of the world - but based on accurate mental models of reality. This leads to Purple Collar work.

Developing a widely-accessible program for advancing to the Edge of Knowledge at 18 years old, in 4-6 years - would be a marvel. Since our program is based on continuous learning, the promise could be delivered with high certainly if the period is from 4-12 years of learning - giving the necessary 10000 Hours to become a genius at opening one's mind (learning how to learn).


It's an experiment. Do you thrive at 18 years old in an experiment to reinvent the world? Do you have the passion - and discipline - to get there? Our promise is that we attain the edge of knowledge by learning how to learn, which enables rapid learning - in 4 to 12 years. The minimum is getting 1/3 of the way in 4 years. But because we are aiming to present students with an opportunity for rapid learning, we think that we can teach 3x more 3x faster - about 10x improvement - an equivalent of a lifetime of on-the-job learning. This means that in 4 years, we can measure significant improvement. We measure everything so we can improve. We expect an ongoing level of design and build and philosophy skill improvement, measured as (1) understanding of our design goals (OSE Spec for integrated civilization), by the ability to build effectively (ongoing productivity improvement that enables a base level of productivity sufficient to sustain a post-scarcity village), by the ability to design effectively (measured by the capacity for sound design that reconciles calculations with real-life performance in of the same), and the ability to engage in divergent thinking (demonstrated by proposals that produce 'original' whitepapers on the improvement of the world's infrastructures). The first year focuses on developing the capacity for divergent thinking, leading to a level of hope and faith, backed by first principles of physics - that allow one to believe firmly in limitless potential of what can be done to improve the world. This serves as the fuel for further years of study. In simple terms, the candidate must be excited about continuing their studies to deliver on the possibilities.


Here is some edutainment regarding how I am currently envisioning the Apprenticeship (which we called 'hiring 5 full time builders) - where it seems like a good idea to 'hire' more people rather than 5 full time builders - more like a dozen so we can execute more on the swarm aspects. 18-24 year olds so they are young enough to have few preconceptions. But right now thinking of 3x10 hr schedule - 30 hrs of build work, 1 day of technical training (largely towards digital design of the 21st century), and 2 days of Integrated Human training (learning how to learn, backed by moral intelligence), with Sunday off. So an exec summary would sound like this. So that we pay people for 'work study' of 30 hours of work with rate based on carefully documented competency. It appears that in the mainstream about 50% of college students work - with 30 hours on average per week. Thus our program intensity does not deviate much from college intensity. The goal is to make this universally accessible (those who cannot pay get paid work-study) - and in any case I would want everyone to be able to build things as the first skill for a good reality check on one's integrity. The other trick is mixing different classes of people (blue and white collar). Here is a proposal - it may sound audacious but is merely intended to distribute power by cultivating a high level of responsibility in individuals:

There is a comprehensive set of tracks available - ranging from Global Village Builder to the Global Steward as the minimum and maximum of scope. The 4 areas of scope are Integrated Human, Builder, Designer, Entrepreneur - as a 4-legged foundation for further work as Global Stewards. Intended duration is 4-12 years depending on ambition. The Global Steward track is the elite track for the most humble of candidates, and an intent to gain the Edge of Knowledge with near total certainty in the 4-12 year period (4 years for people who never lost their genius, 12 years for those who must regain it). This means that for the Global Steward track, the balance between learning and earning is skewed towards learning. The Global Village Builder Track is an intent to attain Construction Management skills in 4 years, with the ability to produce new standard designs using the FreeCAD Seed Eco-Home Designer software. However, the Builder Track also encourages candidates to study the Integrated Humans content, and the work itself is intended to be an expression of Integrated Enterprise (morally intelligent enterprise). And there is everything in between - but all tracks must gain working proficiency in all 4 areas - starting in the order from build to integrated human to designer to entrepreneur to global steward. The Global Village Builder Track culminates in the beginnings of design capacity to produce original designs in 4 years, as opposed to working from existing designs - as well as the capacity to design and build supporting machines - in a period of 8 years. At the 8 year phase, the avid student is capable of interning at an existing Campus in its Campus Replication program, or continuing as an accredited Civilization Builder, without some of the higher-level Civilization Design duties of the Global Steward. Global Stewards integrate build, design, enterprise, and integrated human curricula from the beginning, and are expected to start a collaborating Campus as soon as they demonstrate the competency of a Global Steward. The Global Stewards are a global community that oversees sound human governance worldwide, and creates collaborative initiatives to resolve any issues, such as Solving North Korea, Solving Russia, Solving China, Solving America - as examples of working on the international scale to eradicate nationwide structural defects - all examples of large world issues. The Village Builders start with build skill, while getting exposed to the integrated human, design, and enterprise aspects if they choose - with design focus in 4 years, and enterprise focus starting at the 8 year mark. The rationale is that prior to attaining unlimited power of enterprise, one must possess the qualities of an Integrated Human. With great power comes great responsibility.

Core Promise

Do you want unlimited responsibility? Welcome to the world of post-scarcity. The opposite of scarcity is not abundance. It is responsibility - to build a world where prosperity is for everyone.

We fund rapid learning. All of our value generated goes to bringing everyone up along with us - via rapid learning.

Learning Community

Our learning track is from house building (builder track) to civilization building, mixing diverse talent. Each person learns at their own pace, to recapture their genius as fast as they are able but ideally within 4-8 years. Existing experience and curriculum involves the practice of building many things, but we will be adding mastery of new things as we grow. For example, we can teach you how to build a tractor, house, or 3D printer in one day in a period of time as long as it takes you to go through the rapid learning curriculum, but we can't teach you how to build the semiconductor chips that go into the 3D printer - yet. But we will over time - and the point is all of us are pulling together to fund and develop new things through a process that is designed to absorb new people, fund them, and to fund ongoing development of all this know how in the public domain. We believe that open technology will contribute as a democratizing force, such that oppression has a hope of transforming into prosperity for everyone.


The first two weeks are set up for succcess: the first cohort builds a complete house in 2 weeks, in the process designed for Rapid Learning of all subsystems, tools, and components. The first week is lab, where we assemble parts of Quad Modules while surveying a hundred tools, skills, and techniques - from basics to advanced. The second week is assembly and integration - where the final products is a Microhouse that has all the subsystems built in. How is this possible? By packing thousands of pages of advanced design and experience into 2 weeks. This is a crash course that is also open to the public, with the Apprentice registrants (extensive application is required) on a long term track and General Public Collaborator track registrants just for the event. The intended public audience is individuals who have a serious interest in learning a complete build using all of the techniques that go into building a complete, code-compliant micro house with PV - only about 200 square feet total - featuring ready expandability to a full house according to principles of Incremental Housing.

The first cohort will be 24 students. This allows for the critical mass that makes learning and building fun. On the build front, this means that minimal effort is required to attain the final product - as all of the cohort pulls together. This is also a class integrator, as we invite both elites and blue collar workers to learn skills on the other side.

Lifetime Commitment

The intent of our program is lifetime commitment, however the exit door is open at any time to address mission based alignment. For retention, we plan to offer various open sector retirement plans or graduation work such as building a house for the graduate. A well-refined retention strategy will be evolved continuously to allow for the long-term commitment required for societal transformation. Once students join they they join a real and meaningful community of inspiration. The responsibilities required for functioning such a community are high, and therefore address the freeloader dilemma.


Bringing up the rest of society with us. We focus on enabling rapid learning in the general public, as here we pave the way for open, integrated intelligence leading to genius.