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Working Doc



  • SEH Trellis
  • 1300 + 2000 sf - [21]. Interior concept as to be built - 1.3k WHITE at [22]
  • 1300 deco trellis technical [23]
  • The only place that shows the Trellis Top Band is the 1000 SF model named Rosebud 3 - Seed - v1.fcstd - [24]


SH4 Maysville Files


Module Generator

See FreeCAD Module Generator


Quad Modules - Modules with Structure + MEP

Master Files

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Second Floor Interior

First Floor Interior

HintLightbulb.png Hint: The first floor exterior walls sit on the sill so the interior walls start 1.5" lower. These panels have been designed to use 106.125" studs (1.5" longer than standard pre-cut studs) so they will be the same height as the exterior walls when they are in place. The utility channel spacers are also raised 1.5" to be at the same height as in the exterior walls

Build Cheatsheets

HintLightbulb.png Hint: Drawing Dimensioning Workbench is no longer maintained/updated by FreeCAD, though it is still fine to use. The supported workbench is called TechDraw.
FreeCAD Wiki

Protocol: Note that only single objects can be used in dimensional drawings with the Drawing Dimensioning workbench. For complex assemblies, simply collapse into simple copies of compounds - or compound STEP exports (to turn them into simple solids). As such - take master files - take the necessary selection - and turn into one dumb object. Then you can get nice dimensions. Save the file with teh pages included - pages with dimensions show up in another tab, though.

Whole House Views

(moved 1000 sf version to Savannah SH 5)

Exterior Walls

HintLightbulb.png Hint: Use PDF Files, not PNG Thumbnails for module drawings. Verify with crew leader that the drawing is correct before assembling

First Floor Interior

Second Floor Interior

(8' version is at Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Build_Cheatsheets)

First Floor Exterior

Second Floor Exterior - 9' Version

See also - Computer Generated 2nd Floor Exterior Wall Modules by Coderjeff Master files for both 8' and 9' walls with detailed parts - Coderjeff 2nd Floor Exterior.

Plumbing Final

See more at SEH 4 Plumbing - latest work from March 2022 onwards, needs update for 9' walls.


See SEH 4 Electrical


Also - See Stairs

Stairs example.png