September 2020 Build Camp

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New release - D3D Universal 2 - or D3D Universal v20.07 .

D3D Universal v20.07
D3D Universal as published December 2019
Simple entry level printer for education and production.
Product Ecology Uses 8 mm Universal Axis
License OSHWA and OSI compliant. CC-BY-SA-4.0 International, GPLv3, DIN SPEC 3105.
Extruder Uses OSE's Universal Gearless Extruder
Heated Bed 120V, 200W fast bed
Safety Features GFCI protected; grounded bed
Construction Metal/plastic composite and off-the-shelf parts
Productivity Comes stock with Volcano heater block, 40w, and 1.2 mm nozzle for 5 lb/day print rate
Completion Status
Last version build: D3D Universal. See 3D Printer Genealogy and Status of Completion.
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  1. Deployment of OSE Linux 2.0 for the first time in a teaching workshop.
  2. D3D Universal v20.07 - new release
  3. Minimalist Arduino - with Mitch Altman
  4. Dirk's 3D Printed Electric Motor - high efficiency, simple 3D printed motor.

Curriculum and Recordings

See September_2020_STEAM_Camp_Curriculum


Hi Friends,

We are nearing the Arduino / MIcrocontroller day of learning with Mitch Altman. We will be meeting at 10 AM CST USA time this Saturday, Sep 26, 2020.

The session will be 4 hours long, plus discussion/questions after. I will give a brief update on OSE and our current plans first thing - and then we'll go right into Mitch's 4 hour session.

You will need a laptop with Arduino IDE software (it's also found on the OSE Linux live USB if you have one), and the parts kit/tools if you are building along with us. You can also get the parts kit later if you don't have it, and are inspired to build yourself.

After Mitch's session, I can stay on and go over any build questions if you ordered the D3D Universal 3D printer kit, and also answer any other questions that you may have.

We will also record the session - so you can view it any time later if you miss any of it.

I look forward to it - see you Saturday.    Thanks,