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Discussion of Status as of November 2013

Thanks for all the notes Dan, I am trying to leverage all of the work that you have put in. Thanks so much! samthetechie

Discussion of Status as of October 2013

This is Dan Benamy's understanding as of Oct 2013:

There have been various ambitious projects over the past few years to do amazing things with the torch table. Unfortunately none of them seem to have reached the finish line (including integration with all the other work) and so FeF never got a table we could use for fabrication.

For the short term Dan plans to get the version 2 table up and running ASAP with the RAMPS system so we can get something working and build momentum. Then we can quickly iterate to incorporate better modules such as the Steppernug, CoolDRV, or CoolRAMPS which will allow us to cut faster, better sensors for more reliable operation, fuel control for more efficient fuel usage, etc.

Generally, the strategy is to make lots of quick iterations with self-contained improvements so we almost always have a working table and project handoff is simpler. If something doesn't work out. it's easy to revert to the previously working state.

Dan is focusing on getting something working at FeF that we can use to cut parts we need for other machines, rather than something that's easily reproducible or perfectly documented. Dan's trading off robustness, reproducibility, and user friendly docs for getting it working. Dan's doing this for two reasons: being able to cut Warehouse parts will save lots of time and money on all other development, and it will be a waste of effort to carefully document stuff that turns out not to work well. Once we get to the point where we can cut useful stuff, Dan (or you!) will need to make any changes needed for ease of reproduction, and create awesome manufacturing guides so others can copy it.

Lots of info on the control systems at CNC Torch Table 2/Control Overview.

Concrete tasks that need doing are in github. Go to and select a milestone on the left, with the little gear icon. Milestone 1 is to be able to cut Warehouse plates. Milestone 2 is to be able to cut tubes.