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The plan is not efficient!

I strongly believe that the plan is not conceived with efficiency in mind. There are very few people who can afford to start new villages and to re-create the civilization from scratch. But there are billions of people who need right now machines like: washing machine, refrigerator, dryer, stove, oven, microwave, coffeemaker, dust buster, and other essential machines like these. And they won't have the energy, time, money, freedom from their families, motivation, to buy land in a village and to start to make civilization from scratch, thinking that one day they will produce washing machines on their own. That would take way too long for them so it would be totally impractical for them to do it.

But the market is huge for home appliances. If we create just three or five such home appliances, they would be adopted around the world with light speed, it would generate tons of cash, and also would make everyone in the world to know who OSE and Marcin are. Creating just a few home appliance would bring more cash and publicity to the OSE project than it ever needs. Having such resources would only accelerate the creation of the GVCS machines.

I have to agree with the two people who said that GVCS look like a "Toys for Boys" project, at the Talk:Global Village Construction Set#Toys discussion page. Indeed, the GVCS machines are very useful for the world and making them will change the world. But it's also impossible to deny that the world needs much more some other machines. For every one machine in the GVCS that OSE will seel, there is a potential to sell 10,000 open source washing machines. It's an enormous potential that is not used and it's wasted. How many families would buy a 3D Printer and how many would buy an Open Source Washing Machine?

Delaying to make the machines that the world need right now means delaying to change the world. If we make Open Source Washing Machines (and other home appliances) only after 5 years, that means we delay the change of the world with exactly 5 years. Do you people have any idea how important is for families in the poor countries to have a washing machine and how radically it changes their lives? Do you people have any idea how suffocating their life is, knowing that they have to save money for years in order to buy just a common commodity like that? So what is our priority? Are we trying to be efficient, to change the world as fast as possible, to help the people of the world to have a life that is more bearable, or are we trying to make toys for boys? This is the most important question for the OSE project at this moment. Gonzo 21:19, 25 February 2012 (CET)

  • There are already simple/cheap alternatives to western appliances. For example, I've got one of these hand powered washing machines that's basically just a tub with a lid and a crank. This might as well be open source given how simple it is. - Matt_Maier