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See GVCS Rollout Plan for updated information.

last updated 12.25.11

Tactical Approach

To create an open source economy, we are starting with a small but sufficient subset, the GVCS 50. By developing the GVCS technology kernel, we enable the community-based solution of relocalized production. Because the GVCS tools are selected based on their large economic significance, this has widespread applications – such as enterprise startup, regeneration of urban decay, and building of communities – both in the developed and developing world. Because the GVCS is comprehensive, it is designed to provide a robust solution for rebuilding communities from the ground up.

Rollout Plan

We currently have $1/2M of funding to begin rapid parallel development of the GVCS, with development of 14 further tools starting January 1, 2012. We aim to produce beta product releases of most of these tools by April 1, 2012. From then, we will deploy the remaining 32 technologies, while documenting all results with global CAD and instructionals support. Our goal is to secure a total of $5.5M for 2012 by January 31, 2012. We are including $2.5M for prototyping, $2.5M for documentation and field testing, and $1/2M for deploying the fully-featured, open source CAD/CAM solution. See OSE Enterprise Plan video.

We have grown from about $20k/year for the past 4 years to $500k in the last 2 months, and we have the ambitious goal of $5M more secured within one month. We pride ourselves in efficiency of resource allocations. We spend about 98% of our resources directly on prototypes built, and our overhead for the nonprofit sector donations is 2% via a fiscal sponsor. We encourage you to donate and to put your energy into this work. We are doing a lot of the development with volunteers, and Factor e Farm is the main development facility. We are also outsourcing as much of the design, prototyping, and documentation work as possible – as funding allows. Increased resources mean increased burn-down rate for the GVCS 50 technologies.

  1. CNC Multimachine – we are currently considering Dan Granett, a precision machining expert – to build out the CNC Multimachine, while utilizing any relevant techniques from a collaborating group - the Open Source Multimchine project
  2. CNC Circuit Mill – Yoonseo Kang is the project lead on this at Factor e Farm, Prototype 1 is complete. Prototype 2 is in research phase.
  3. Ironworker Machine – Brianna Kufa is project lead, in prototyping phase. See her blog for more info.
  4. CNC Torch Table – prototype I has been tested in producing tractor parts with success, and optimization is needed for the software tool-chain. We are currently considering an upgraded gantry shown under Prototype II on the wiki, a simple DIY design which has seen many hundreds of hours of production time and is a stable design. Z height control needs to be developed.
  5. Induction Furnaceconceptual design done. Considering recruiting consulting assistance from Superior Induction. Looking for subject matter experts to join this project, Dedicated Project Visit or remote collaboration.
  6. Sawmill – Prototype I complete; looking for Dedicated Project Visitor for field testing.
  7. BackhoeGrabcad design competition completed. Planned collaboration with contributors to further optimize winning design.
  8. Bulldozer – considering modified LifeTrac frame and weights, jack shaft wheel drive and steel wheels like in old agricultural traction engines from 100 years ago; 10,000 lb weight for first prototype.
  9. Well-drilling rig – considering design consulting from Enniss, Inc. Looking for subject matter experts.
  10. Modern Steam Engine – current plan is to use the Wally Munster scalable modern design. Collaboration with Tom Kimmel of Steam Auto Club of America to develop a plant for the next generation of modern steam Power Cubes, about 4x3x3 feet in size for s 25 hp Prototype 1. Plant includes Gasifier Burner, Heat Exchanger, oil pump, water pump. Plan for Heat Exchanger is to work with Tom using his open source coil winder.
  11. Gasifier Burner – Larry Dobson has completed plans for an advanced gasifier burner with heat exchanger for heating water. Awaiting fabrication.
  12. Pelletizer – Need design and fabrication drawings. Can be fabricated by Sweiger Shop readily. See pelletizer dies on research and development page - and design around those.
  13. Power Inverter – following the development of the CNC circuit mill, we will prototype the inverter. Need power electronics subject matter experts to join the team.
  14. Solar Concentrator – the current plan is to build on documentation available from the SolarFire project. Collaborating with Dr. Peter Schwartz of Cal Poly on design evaluation.

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