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Wed Sept 11, 2013

Laser cutter entire design files

File:Lulz bot laser.zip
File:Hydra fabber laser desgn.zip

Fri Aug 30, 2013

Laser cutter with green vinyl shield. Foldable frame and rollable vinyl. Vinyl attached by magnets:


Laser power supply pdf - File:Laserps.pdf

Thurs Aug 15, 2013

and link to the gaussian beam waiste

Card brd actl beam waiste .jpg With cold plt and spplys.jpg

Sat Aug 10, 2013

Tim provided 10W Laser Cutter Calculations as basis for blog post for review. Need 10W Laser Cutter for Review]].

Sat Aug 3, 2013

Discussion on getting a sample cut with the Dilas laser.

Full BOM:


Sat Jul 6, 2013

Diode laser - diode on side of machine - coupling through a fiber. 35W/ degree C heatsinking required.


22 June 2013

Please coordinate between John Log, Leo Log, Tim Boyd, and Nate Log - all work related to HydraFabber.

Looking into 10W laser diode:

4 inch square plate with dilas focussing head and beam envelope of infrared radiation - Laserfocus.png

Carriage with X_Carriage_QuickGuide and X_SingleExtruderMountOffset





  1. Added an Edit link at the bottom of the embedded Google Spreadsheet