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2015-02-25 Hangout with Jonathan

Jonathan wants to help OSE getting more structured and inviting for new collaborators. Goals:

  • Get to know people personally, build relationships
  • Have a team of dedicated people until end of March 2015

Actions defined:

February 2015


  • Help new contributors getting involved quickly
  • Define processes and definitions for version management

Tasks done:

June 22, 2013: Task 10, CNC Circuit Mill Spindle

Please coordinate between John Log, Leo Log, Tim Boyd, and Nate Log - all work related to HydraFabber

Carriage with X_Carriage_QuickGuide and X_SingleExtruderMountOffset
Basic Idea: Carriage with X_MillSpindleMount. If we remove spindle mount, we can also mount the laser diode head.



  • Clarify goal and task details
  • Write email to creator of spindle asking for missing drawings/CAD files
  • Find relevant TAZ parts from [1]
  • Basic idea:
    • Remove X_Carriage_QuickGuide and X_SingleExtruderMountOffset
    • Add new part X_MillSpindleMount and attach it to X_Carriage
  • Install FreeCAD
  • Tried unsuccessfully to add this to TK0_Assembly.fcstd (how to add new parts to an assembly file?)
  • FreeCAD undo bug: (or am I doing something wrong?)
  • I stop here and hand over to John



Next steps, open questions

  • Find correct dimensions of spindle
  • Draw nice CAD part that makes sense mechanically and that looks printable
    • How to fix the spindle in z-axis?
  • Add holes and match to TAZ