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  • This Page Covers Devices to Aid in Planting Trees
  • Although manual tools are considered, the ultimate goal is to cover and if need be design Semi-Automated and/or Fully-Automated Machines

General Process

  1. Site Inspection / Planning
  2. Land Preparation
  3. Hole Digging
  4. Sapling Placement
  5. Misc:

Manual Tools

  • Pipe-based tree dibble DIY planting an osage orange hedge - [1]
    • User: Eric here, a lot of old links have the usual "oh no this isn't 'https' you shouldn't go here!" message, but this page had this from my chromes avast security:
      • "Avast Online Security & Privacy

Hold on, this website isn’t safe We've found malicious code on this website that could harm your computer or steal your private data. We recommend avoiding the site completely."

      • Any idea what that's all about? I'll leave the link as is for now.

Tractor Drawn

  • If steps 1-4 are done by a separate team/vehicle, a sort of towed tray with chairs for one or more workers can be used
  • The procedure would basically be scoot tractor to first hole, pause, place a sapling, loop
  • With either a ramp system (Potentially akin to the Paper Pot Transplanter ) or some sort of Pick and Place Machine this could be done in an Automated Manner

Dedicated Vehicle

  • This has the disadvantage of costing more, and if not done with fully removable modules, leading to a vehicle that may at times sit idle (Although a Toolshare / Tool Rental Program could address this issue, along with only getting one if you need one)
  • The advantage is though unlike using separate tractor attachments, separate vehicles, or even worse yet all people walking around, the whole process can be done in one run (Ideally speaking, may require a process similar to how Combine Harvesters unload as they go rather than having a MASSIVE storage tank (although in reverse) )
  • In theory one would need:

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