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some basic ideas/drawings for steam engine valves


wire length calc

another calculator

wire gauge info

wiki on induction forces

wire for sale

buy a solenoid valve $100 each

Solenoid Design

solenoid sucks the bolt in, so i gota change how the spring is set up in my diagram.

will the metal plate on top have an adverse effect on the magnetic field?

Item# SP-50095 NY-WSYM

ball valve


needs a governor

[1] 2 valves per cylinder, cam for each

mark pointed out the difficulty of cam design and efficiency,

temperature flow control

temperature sensor in the boiler or somewhere

could control flow of water, if its too hot pump more water to cool boiler reservoir, too cold turn off.

could be used to govern pump speed? by controlling temperature?

hydraulic valve

one double action valve switches between two cylinder inlets. need another for outlet.

4 single action would give better control, independent cam for each valve

could you mount so that cam shaft operates lever? and run hose to pistons? seems like there would be loss.