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dec 12 2014

1st attempt

  • iron powder held in cage
  • nickle powder seeped out lower half of cage mesh
    • may need steeper and/or thicker mesh wall
  • small cracks in tub began to leak
    • need to finish optimizing SCAD
  • nickel wire held by cage lid well
  • used 1.5V
    • not sure if charging
    • charge analyzer would help much

dec 7 2014

printed tub with grooves, did a decent job of preventing layer splitting. seemed to do best when the grooves on one face staggered with grooves on the joining face.

spent some time shifting existing grooves up and down but finally realized need a different strategy

redoing some of the SCAD groove module to allow for more tweaking so the staggering can be ensured. plan: will tweak groove width one side and set it for the rest from that one. then tweak angle on adjoining side and copy angle to side opposite it.

  • no word back from battery charger dude. might not work out.
    • ordered a 1.5v voltage regulator from digikey to do a dumb charge

dec 5 2014



  • added grooves
  • added eyelets
    • need to finish the other two sides
    • not sure what to put through the hole.

dec 4 2014

  • might put slanted grooves on the outer wall to try to cut down on printed layers coming apart.
  • guna do a larger lid to cover multi cells and have 2 pole mounts
    • will have donut mounts on sides that align with mounts on outer walls

dec 3 2014

Ordered a battery analyzer/charger. Should be able to test a single 1.2v cell up to 20Ah.

Probably will only use for design/testing. Would need something else for regular use at 12v.


order page


nov 25 2014

nov 24, 2014

need to build in some adjustable leeway to accommodate imperfect slicing and printing

  • tweaks for lid
    • going to reduce total length and width of the bottom part of the cage lid by 0.2mm
    • need to print without a skirt (oops)
    • might chamfer the bottom 0.5mm
    • going to put a cone shape hole at the bottom of the wire holes to keep from closing up

nov 22, 2014

  • tried to optimize size a little. attempting to get a 12v 10 cell within 200mm max dimension to fit 3d printer.
  • changed the cage lid so it can be skinnier.
  • added some calculations to attempt to predict how much chemical will be needed for the entire battery
    • not really sure how to calc density of powders, so it may be way off. gives an absolute max though.

STL Files


nov 20, 2014

  • printed two cages. look pretty good. better than i expected.
    • might slim it down so it holds less powder.
  • ordered chemicals. might be a few weeks.

nov 18, 2014


made some stl's. guna try to slice.

nov 17, 2014

mostly finished with the scad work. could clean it up a little but its working. getting printer back in shape, maybe next week.

nov 14, 2014

  • reworked the scad for the mesh module, i like i better.
    • draws a big matrix of cubes, then rotates it, then gets the intersection() with a cube the size of the wall
  • guna do a simple lid next thatll silicone onto the top of it
    • might use a small 'rope cleat' to tie off wire going into cage

nov 11, 2014

"Object isn't a valid 2-manifold! Modify your design. See"

i tried using the mirror() function to make a mirror image of the mesh. apparently that was a bad idea.

nov 9, 2014

  • mirrored sides
  • need to add divots for clip in
  • need to figure out problem with angles above 45
  • need to determine cage height from tub height

nov 6, 2014

fixed a bug and centered holes

nov 3, 2014

been slowly working on an OpenSCAD file for the battery idea. got the holes aligned and angled how i imagined them. im a bit of a noob so i probably did the code in the most difficult way imaginable. User:Dorkmo/Ideas/Battery/SCAD


  • need to tweak the height and width of the mesh compared to the wall itself.
  • also need to make some divots near the base for it to snap into the base of the tub.
  • also a lid.

oct 12, 2014

revisited battery. sketched a single cell idea. would hold the ni and fe powders on either side of a printed grid membrane. not much surface area optimization. would like to test something simple and then go from there. need to check on how much electrolyte needs to be around.


Nickel-Iron Battery

sep 18,2014

added metal roof sheet to roof panel


sep 12, 2014

updated roof panel with cross members on 24" centers.


sep 10, 2014

did a rough idea for door frame, collecting more input for next revision.



aug 31, 2014

Roof_Layer_1 Roof_Layer_2 on layer 2 i think i may have put the horizontal piece at either end on the top not the bottom side. need the check

Tue Jul 22, 2014

See Barrel Mixer

april 14, 2014

april 13, 2014

trying out the fritzing program for a new ceb controller board project. Andrew's notes for reqs


finding a couple things for board Talk:CEB Press 6 - Controller Module - Bill of Materials

expiramting with an idea for printable rocker switches that will allow for rubber outer seal and can activate buttons mounted on a pcb. would eliminate wiring board to buttons.


also have been looking over bunny's log for help James Slade Log

wiring schematic

pictures of assembled board and wiriing

bunny's bom

april 7, 2014


sketched an idea for a more tradition forklift attachment.


feb 21, 2014


general idea for a small earth house