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Welcome to Open Source Ecology!

Thank you for registering on the Open Source Ecology wiki.

Hello! I'm just typing all this to throw out some stuff i found useful when i was starting out:

  • Wiki Cheatsheet Rhis is useful for the wiki formatting and whatnot
  • Be aware that The search engine on the wiki is b a d. So it may not even recognize plurals, so some searches may need like 3 variations to "get it" (i am trying to make redirects for all those whenever i encounter them). So try those tricks, and maybe ask around if you can't find something (i've accidentally made duplicates before!)
  • Also i made this sort of "table of contents" (a pile of it is essentially placeholder ideas of mine): Construction Sets
  • Not the most active but there are some "sub groups"
    • OCI (Their main Website is Here )
    • OBI (Seems this is your area based off of a quick look at your worklog, and profile?)
  • On another feel free to join the slack and/or discord channels for OSE, good for brainstorming and whatnot (Links may be dead, i can grab a new one if need be):
  • OSE Discord
  • OSE Slack

--Eric (talk) 19:10, 4 March 2020 (UTC)