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OSE envisions a world of collaborative design for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance.

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To implement collaborative design practices, OSE follows OSE Specifications for all of its design. We are developing the Global Village Construction Set, as a means to Distributed Market Substitution of all industry sectors, based on open source collaboration towards Distributive Enterprise. Our overall goal is to transition the economy from proprietary to collaborative, thereby addressing many outstanding, Pressing World Issues. To get there, we believe in distributing production through Open Source Microfactories, with unprecedented collaboration enabled by Toolchain Degeneracy and technological leapfrogging via Technological Recursion. We have proven the feasibility of Extreme Manufacturing, and are currently developing Extreme Enterprise in 2020. You can read more about our desired End State, and general technology Roadmap for rollout.

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Vision Topics

The overarching vision can be specified to various areas of civilizational endeavor.


We believe that good citizenship can be within anybody. But first we must transcend artificial scarcity. That's why we are working on the possibility of financial freedom for solving pressing world issues. Transformation is not something for the progressives. It is a natural byproduct for anyone who is least bit progressive - but has the financial freedom to work upon something greater than oneself.