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2017 Requirements and Overview

The basic requirement for an OSE developer (as well as HR, IT, and other roles) is an open mind to learn new things and volunteering for 10 hours of time per week for 3 months of time:

  • All team members are required to commit 10 hours of work per week on average
  • Duration of commitment is 3 months, after which we do an Improvement Evaluation
  • People accepted to the Engineering and Documentation Teams hold the official title of OSE Developer. Those individuals may request a positional email at the opensourceecology domain if their work is facilitated by a positional email.
  • A Product Owner and Process Manager take on leadership of the Engineering Team.
  • A minimum viable team to make for active development consists of 4 people: a Process Manager, Product Owner, and rest of the Engineering Team and Documentation Team.
  • For a team to be high performing (rapid development velocity) - there must be no less than 12 active members on the Engineering Team and Documentation Team.
  • The development team is posted at the OSE Developers wiki page. This page lists active and past developers.
  • The HR Generalist is a critical team-building role at OSE.
  • People who are not full OSE Devs are marked as OSE Contributors, and may engage in any ad-hoc development tasks as well as on development tasks from the formal OSE Roadmap. Any supporter may contribute to the OSE Wiki.

2017 Invitation Video

2017 Initial Volunteer Application


responses spreadsheet


OSE's social capital warrants Linux.org-scale contribution volume, yet this potential is almost entirely untapped (.1℅ at most). To address this, OSE is developing its HR towards a high professional standard - based on volunteers - encouraged by learnings from the Rare Genomics Institute's HR department - a collaborator. OSE's first step is hiring an HR Generalist, with promotion track to VP of HR. Current recruiting goals include an Engineering Team and the Documentation Team, aimed at recruiting and training people to hold the official title of OSE Developer. To support these projects, Curriculum Development is required for generating training materials for all collaborators on open source culture and tool chains. Also, a documentation team is needed to support the project with Remote Extreme Build Documentation, video production, graphics assets, and generation of CAD assets for existing projects. To bind the project with common culture and to build a Distributive Enterprise development community, we are developing a podcast to pump open economic culture through the internet.