3D Printed Windmill Tower

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Cost of a 200' Tower, 4' Diameter, 1/4" Wall Thickness

  • Metal 3D printing - with MIG welders, 250 amp each at 30V
  • Welding wire - $68 for 44 lb - [1]
  • Alibaba shows down to 50 cents per lb - [2]. ($900-1500/ton)
  • 12' length of diameter. 12 SF per foot of height. 6" build per hour. 400 hours for tower, or just 17 days. Could possibly increase to 12 welders, at 8 days for the tower.
  • This tower is 24000 lb - 120 lb/ft
  • It would be useful to make wire for reduced cost. If produced from scrap, tower could cost not $12k at Alibaba costs, but much less.

Use of Delta 3D Printers and/or Hangprinters in the Printi ng of VAWT Towers/Blades

  • The shape stability and speed of deltas all lend themself to printing VAWT turbines
  • Hangprinters may be less stable, but otherwise work

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