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Admin Log


Admin Assistant Operations Manual

  • Role of Admin Assistant is to take care of various organizational activities that do not qualify as unique abilities for core OSE staff.
  • The operations manual is a list of links to protocols that span many tasks, including tasks that recur on a schedule.
  • Each task has an expected duration (how much time it takes)
  • Admin assistant fills out an Admin Log Time Sheet after every activity, as a time tracker for payment. Payments are approved weekly.


  • Filling out forms - request a form in compatible format so it can be filled online.
  • Checks are to be sent directly to the OSE bank, not OSE office.
  • Speaking Engagement Protocol.
  • Tax deductible receipt form - to be sent to donors for a given year - [1]
  • Internet - see OSE Internet. Includes connecting additional lines as needed, and following up on outages or payment issues.
  • Electricity - see Ameren.

Organizational Log

This is a record of organizational-level events that are documented for learning purposes on an ongoing basis. Access is granted to administrators of Go to Organizational Log

Resource Development

Go to Resource Development.

Donor Management

See Donors.

Corporate Calendar

See Corporate Calendar.

Task List

Typical Scope of Tasks, Resources Required to Complete Task, and Notes:





OSE Address

  • 206.202.3387-fax -
  • Faxzero - free faxes

Bank Address

Check deposit:

BoFA, PO Box 105576, Atlanta, GA, 30348

Missouri Tax and Withholding


  • Sent in correspondence 5/29/14 -[2]
  • Address for online payment - for Withholding - form 941 - [3]
  • PHone: 573.751.7200, #5 for withholding. Then #2 for withholding. #1 is sales tax exeption, with encoded PIN of 5186.
  • ADP - filed 941 withholding for OSE until end of 2013. ADP, 844.227.5237. Former Client ID : 20828533. Ref 2-9355575348.

Sales Tax

OSE has been sales tax exempt since 12/1/2014. was used to file a 0 online sales tax, and close the sales tax account, as OSE's Tax ID was changed to its exempt number - 22098241.

Internet and Phone

3.12.15 - Around $90 monthly charge to OSE for on-hold of 2 Hablab and Hut lines

Speaker Contracts

OSE Invoice/Letterhead

Core Function

  • 1 Day per week
  • $20/hr = $8k/yr
  • 2 hours logistics (interviews + arrivals and departures Calendar), 2 hrs operations (infrastructure, supplies, etc), 2 hrs ordering (Amazon Prime), 2 hours book keeping and accounting

Communications Policy

OSE intends to uphold the highest ideals of honor, respect, and good faith in all of its interactions. We position our work as that which is intended to provide positive, deep solutions to pressing world issues. We believe firmly in open, collaborative development. See also Media Policy.

Agriculture Manager

  • Maintains 3 acre garden plot, U-pick (raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, orchard, asparagus)
  • Runs a perennial plant propagation nursery, focusing on edible+ plants)
  • Plans agriculture work activities with students
  • Maintains year-round greenhouse with basic crops
  • Produces 1 acre of sunflowers (60 gallons of oil)
  • Runs recreation program - movie nights, ping pong tournament, fire pit, and maintains swimming pool

Payments, Compliance

  • Progressive insurance - 1994mFord pickup truck and 1999 Dodge Ram Van. $473 for truck, $504 for van per year?
    • Should be able to pay online, or respond by email. Confirmed payment #121-585 on 12/2/2014, covers until June 2015

Documentation of Meetings or Discussions, Conferences, and Visits

Meetings, internal and external - Meetings minutes are documented on the wiki where functionally appropriate and categorized as OSE Meeting Minutes, see Category:OSE Meeting Minutes

Corporate Calendar


  • Fills out OSE taxes in February
  • Publishes Annual Report in December

Old Logs

  • Work Log -
  • Travel Expense Log. Protocol - travel approved PRIOR to travel, reimbursed upon presentation of receipts. Cost of gas reimburse, no per diem, just direct expense for travel. Food is not covered.
  • Material, RFQ, and Work Requisition - Purchases are made by ED.


Sketchup Pro

Sketchup Pro - expires 10/31/14

Google Admin

  1. Point your browser to The URL redirects you to the Google accounts sign-in page.
  2. Enter your administrator ( account email address (including username and domain) and password.
  3. Click Sign in. The Admin console appears.

Positional Email Management ensures 1) that copies of positional emails are automatically forwarded to respective professional email accounts and 2) that original emails are stored in the positional email accounts. OSE Protocol: Positional Email Management

Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook

Temporary Work

Standard Formatting

Font and Header

Arial, 12 pt font

OSE Category: Name

Owned by: Positional Role

POC for collaboration:


Internal Document Classifications

All documents not classified as internal documents are assumed OPEN SOURCE or PUBLIC. Internal documents have sensitive information, such as account information and employee information. Internal documents must be labeled as EXECUTIVE STAFF ONLY', exceptions are 'EXECUTIVE STAFF ONLY// REL TO DPV' or EXECUTIVE STAFF ONLY// REL TO SHUTTLEWORTH


  • Annual Report
  • Board Meetings
  • W9
  • Form 990