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  • Can be moved if a better solution to This Issue is made
  • A small, entry level faciliy that is OSE Based, and takes the role in acommunity of
    • Makerspace
    • Lab
    • Education Place (Mix of high school, trade school, and community colledge
    • Community Center (meeting space, events, aid, etc)
    • Recycling Center
    • Store
    • Charity/Non-Profit Co-ordination/administrative building
  • It can be done in an existing building, be thrown together in an Extreme Build
    • or PERHAPS as HMCU's but these are less good for full on permanent applications

What it Contains

Materials Aquisition

Materials Storage

  • Lots of Bins and a dedicated room (Mainly for storing Plastic Flakes, but also any scrap
  • Larger more sturdy bins for stock
  • Liquid/Lubricant/Chemcial storage etc
  • Bulk gas tanks (Fuel gas (perhaps via gasometer + anerobic digester) , dry compressed air, compressed nitrogen, argon (if available/needed) )


  • D3Ds preferabbly a D3D Array (probably 3x3 or 5*5 optimally against a wall for semi automated print farm use
  • Either a manual oxy-fuel or plasma torch or preferably a CNC Torch Table
  • One or more welders (peraps one of those all in one models)
  • Grinder

Optional Extras

  • Various saws
  • Ironworker
  • Precious Plastic devices (mainly injection, and POSSIBLY extrusion) for quickly producing lots of small componets (zip ties, caps, slastic screws, etc)

Hand Tools

  • Various Power Tools
  • Soldering + Desolderins Station + Tools
  • Multimeteres
  • One or more ossilloscopes
  • Varios meters/gauges

Saftey Stuff

Generic Stuff

  • Hard Hats
  • Saftey glasses and/or goggles
  • Face Sheilds

Welding Stuff

  • Welding Sheilds and/or goggles
  • Welding Jacket
  • High Heat/Welding Gloves
  • Welding Curtain to go outside of the "welding/torching" area


  • Large Air Compressor
  • Power Distribution
  • Air Line Distribution
  • Networking + Wifi etc?
  • Lighting? (Modular CEB Lights perhaps?)
  • Tables etc
  • Laptop Cart (for random use + events/teaching sessions)
  • On site storage (simple nas etc? for file sharing when doing group edits of cad and hackathons)

Basic Layout

User:Eric's Rough Sketch of a "From Scratch" OSEH



  • This will sort of be left to right
  • SO
  • Firt on the left there is a "U: shaped driveway
    • This is for quick drop off/pick up of people and supplies by vehicles that don't need to park. It's VERY efficient, used by a local charity i worked for "Waste Not Want Not" which was essentially the collection and distribution center for all the local food banks so LOTS of throughput at times
  • This then branches off as well
  • This is optional for a parking lot/area (could even be dirt/designated grass/gravel), and a road/path leading to garage doors, if they are there already, or for future modules/expansions (build a lifetrac inside, then drive it out) (Also useful for moving large materials and/or devices through
  • Then their are the first two rooms
  • The "top" one is multipurpose:
    • Most of the time it doubles as the "reception area" and the "mud room" so it has a desk with info and/or staff, and keeps dirt outside and ac in to a certain degree
  • Below this is a directly attached room for storing donated recycling, scrap, and items
    • The Animal Shelter i currently volunteer uses a room for this and it is NEAR ESSENTIAL (we get lots of donations of pet food, cat clay litter etc, and it needs to be sorted so a dedicated room reduces clutter and aids in efficiency, and that is with PRE PACKAGED GOODS, random scap and plastic requires much more work)
    • This room can be merged with the recycling area too
    • This has a table for sorting, a part wash style wash area, a shredder for plastic, a shredder for metal, a desoldering station, various hand tools, and bins for intermediate storage, and then transportation to the recycling area
  • Next right of the collection room is the recycling area
    • This has:
      • Filament Makers
      • Optional Precious Platics Stuff
      • Electric Kiln
      • Induction Furnace
    • It either feeds into the main area or the storage room
  • Nest is the main "work room"
    • This is essentially just a workshop floor and is arranged as needed
    • Main concern is a curtain sheild around the weld/torch area so people not working there don't burn their retinas by not wearing a mask
  • Finally there is the storage room which stores recycled materials, stock, and various other supplies and tools not in use, or near use

Internal Links

External Links

  • [[Cateogry: Business ? (need to find one on business/business models)