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This section breaks the design of the LifeTrac into its different systems so that the engineering analysis and design requirements can be more easily understood


Quick Connect Wheel Update - After 6spline coupler snapped, currently trialing a double chain sprocket coupler. Advantage: larger radius to withstand 15,000 inch pounds of torque

Items to Address

  • Basic vehicle criteria for overall vehicle design
    • Load carrying capacity
    • Vehicle speed
    • Vehicle power
    • Vehicle weight
    • Arm Range of motion
    • Attachment plate range of motion
  • QA Plate to Bobcat Standard
  • Carrying capacity of design
  • Wheel drive attachment
    • Load bearing capacity of shafts
    • Torsion limit if shaft using single g8 bolt and 2 bolts, with 1-7/8 shaft
    • Shear limit using 3" shaft with 2 g8 bolts, 1". This is for scaling analysis of bulldozer. Goal: 16,000 lb of pushing force for prototype 1 using same design with jackshaft
    • Quick attach wheel mounts
  • Structural analysis of frame with maximum load
    • May have to wait on this until further information is completed. However rough analysis can likely be done in the mean time with the LifeTrac III models to see if there are any major issues of concern.
  • Load limit of bulldozer arms based on steel structure
  • Improvements
    • Higher lifting height
    • Auxiliary hydraulic connection at front
    • Floor plate
    • Roof plate
    • Safety screen around occupant where necessary
    • Driver position
    • Vehicle control mechanisms
    • Field of view improvements
    • Head lights
    • Optimized hydraulic locations for maximum lifting capacities
    • Track design
  • DVD Wanted List - See CAE tasks here