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HintLightbulb.png Hint: See COVID Log for progress and evolution of work. 5 Active Projects: Open Source Respirator + Open Source Face Shield + Open Source PAPR Development + Open Source Ventilator + Safety and Medical Components Construction Set. For more background on the project, please see OSE Principles of Collaborative Design for COVID


To join development with Open Source Ecology - the best practice for large-scale, collaborative design revolves around documentation and building upon past work :

  1. Start a Work Log
  2. Learn about the general product development steps that OSE uses by studying the Development Template wiki page.
  3. Learn FreeCAD if you want to contribute to technical design, though you can contribute in other ways as well.. Start with FreeCAD_101#Lesson_1:_OSE_FreeCAD_Tutorial_1 + FreeCAD_101#Lesson_1:_OSE_FreeCAD_Tutorial_2 + FreeCAD_101#Lesson_1:_OSE_FreeCAD_Tutorial_3
  4. The 4 active technical development projects on COVID are Open Source Respirator, Open Source PAPR Development, Open Source Face Shield, and Open Source Ventilator]]. To join development, you are welcome to join the online development meeting if you set up your Work Log, learn FreeCAD, understand the basic development protocol of the Development Template, and follow the basic OSE Development Guidelines.

Basic Process

  1. Identify the best efforts
  2. Build upon them
  3. Design and produce via distributed manufacturing
  4. Involve as many stakeholders as possible, and cross boundaries to accelerate innovation


  1. COVID Funding Sources
  2. Protective Equipment - COVID PPE
  3. Testing - COVID Testing. COVID Test Kits COVID Peak.
  4. Treatment - COVID Treatment. Vaccine Development. Endotracheal Intubation.
  5. OSE Principles of Collaborative Design for COVID - and Active Projects:
    1. Open Source N95 Face Mask
    2. Open Source PAPR Development
    3. Open Source Face Shield
    4. Open Source Ventilator
  6. How to Set Up a DIY Bio Lab
  7. Initial notes on COVID - see COVID-19