Collaborative Literacy Webinar

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Collaborative Literacy Webinar

See Collaborative Literacy Playlist on YouTube.

Notes from Above Webinar

  • Intro - Development milestones of OSE
  • 38:16 - collaborative literary


Collaborative Literacy is the shared understanding about how to work together effectively in the field of Open Source Product Development. The critical challenge is how to build on other work - or and how to Time-Bind development effort.
This is important to OSE because OSE's mission is to develop the Open Source Economy by mass creation of livelihoods - according to our Roadmap. An open source economy is built around a paradigm of collaborative development. A characteristic feature of the open source economy is the creation of Distributive Enterprise.
The weekly Collaborative Literacy Webinar runs at 8 PM CST USA time every Monday. The format is a Google Hangout on Air, which is recorded online and posted at the corresponding date below, immediately after the webinar becomes available on YouTube. To join the webinar, see below or the OSE Facebook Page for a link to the Webinar, which will be posted on the day of the webinar.

Monday, Mar 7, 2016

  • 8 PM CST USA - Join Session (up to 10 people) - Or Watch Livestream (unlimited number of participants).
  • Abstract: Third webinar of 2016. Last week we covered the collaborative development of the 3D printer Distributive Enterprise. This week we will cover how design collaboration can happen in a large scale with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. We are using the open source FreeCAD software. We will introduce the workflows for doing large scale collaborative design in FreeCAD, and apply that to our current developments - 3D Printer Development. OSE's approach to wide collaboration is its Construction Set Approach - and in this - open source CAD software is critical. First - how to download and use? We can start with a Live Linux install with all settings pre-configured. We will discuss how we can then create part libraries - how to work with part libraries - and how part libraries can be used to create a Construction Set workbench in FreeCAD. The goal is that anyone who can learn basic CAD techniques - can begin to design 3D printers on their own - by using accepted library parts which have the engineering already worked out. We will explain how to do an initial large scale collaboration exercise: how to find and import parts into FreeCAD, and how to manipulate them to create designs based on accurate parts and real parts from manufacturers. We will leave the meeting with a challenge of creating an (1) OSE Live Linux FreeCAD, and (2) the part library in FreeCAD, using the 3D Printer Bill of Materials as a starting point. This process can apply to any design - such that if OSE produces Design Guides and Construction Sets in FreeCAD - any individual in the world will be able to do meaningful design on any product. This can become the basis of an Open Source Product Development paradigm that displaces the current state of art - which is based on large amounts of competitive waste.

Monday, Feb. 29, 2016

Abstract: This is the second webinar of 2016, and you can hear last week's webinar about the Roadmap below. We will cover Viral Replicability Criteria. What are Viral Replicability Criteria for an enterprise? How do we motivate a developer community to develop them? Read the latest blog post on the Viral Replicability Criteria - We will apply the Viral Replicability Criteria to the 3D Printer Workshop Business Plan - We will survey the main needs for succeeding in replicating a 3D Printer Workshop with participants who are interested in replicating the workshop. If you are potentially interested in running 1 day 3D printer builds from scratch - where people take the 3D printer home - we can teach you how to run a workshop, and to develop a source of livelihood. To get started, join this webinar.

Participants: MJ, Jonathan Kocurek, +..... Working doc: [1]


Comments and Questions for the Webinar

Feel free to ask questions for the webinar here.

Monday, Feb. 22, 2016

Abstract: The first webinar of 2016 covers some of the bigger picture items regarding the approach of OSE: the OSE Roadmap for the next 20 years, and the 3D Printer Roadmap in particular, since the 3D Printer Development marks our first concerted effort to create a Distributive Enterprise with Viral Replicability Criteria. See the video at the 3D Printer Workshop, which we plan to make into our first ongoing and regular workshop offering. We are currently developing the Extreme Manufacturing Workshop Model as a way to bootstrap fund our operations. Bootstrap funding is important to us because this model of funding allows the OSE movement to scale to many locations worldwide, and allied efforts can also build on this model. After a discussion of the OSE Roadmap, we will get into the basics of Open Source Product Development, and the key elements of documentation, modular breakdown, and value creation. Finally, we will cover the first Design Sprint of 2016 - an invitation to collaborating on the 3D Printer Distributive Enterprise. The key development items on the 3D Printer are the 3D Printer Open Source Supply Chain; a D3D Live ISO with software and firmware for controlling the 3D printer, so that success of the 3D Printer Workshop is not derailed in any way by computer-related issues; and initial considerations on the 3D Printed Cordless Drill - which is on the 3D Printer Roadmap.

Participants: MJ, Donald, James Q