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  1. Printer - Marlin, Lulzbot Cura, OSE Linux, FeF Microfactory printer profiles

Plotter File Generation

  1. Plotter - Using Inkscape to Generate Gcode



Sample First Print File

  • File:5high cube.zip (contains gcode file)
  • size: 1x1x5 cm (5 cm high, square base of 1 cm each side, hollow and open at the top)
  • for 1mm nozzle (see D3D_Universal_Build_Manual#First_Run_Procedure_and_Quality_Control)
  • needs to be unziped and loaded unto SD card
  • visualize with a gcode viewer, eg [1]
  • after the print finishes, the printhead moves to the side and then the motors are disengaged! (Try to catch the x-axes when it starts to drop.)
  • ambitious for a first print!
  • add your result here [2]