Developer Vetting Process

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  1. Before anything else - add disclaimer in our signatures that our communications IP is open source. We work openly, and privileged and confidential information shall be addressed not in email, but other media such as phone.
  2. First - find out whether the person is willing to work on site or remotely.
  3. Second - find out how much time they have available for OSE contributions, and whether that is volunteer or paid.
  4. Third - assess for their contribution type - what skills/offers they have
    1. Resume
    2. Documented work samples
    3. References for what other projects they worked on
  5. Fourth - bring them into community.
    1. Tech team culturing survey
    2. Executive Team Advisor
    3. Mentor or coach
    4. Forums or communication channels
  6. Fifth - bring in the True Fans Platform + 1 Day in 2 Hours + OSE Chapters online
    1. Commit True Fans Platform contribution to True Fans Build in a Major City - materials and bounties
    2. Think about reward structure carefully - motivation
    3. Work with Gerard Cox on incentives
  7. Start OSE Credit Score - badges connected specifically to 1 Day in 2 Hours for OSE Skills Badges, and Contributor Badges for specific contribution performance.
    1. Build on Mozilla Badges, TED Cred, Upvote Score, and other clear Contribution Based Recognition.

Team Development Goal for end of 2013

Develop a team of:

  1. 12 active, highly skilled Mechanical Engineers for Tractor Construction Set
  2. Team of 6 skilled Technical Reviewers for Tractor Construction Set
  3. Develop same numbers for Precision Machining Construction Set, Power Electronics Construction Set, Hot Metal Construction Set, Steam Engine Construction Set.
  4. Team of 12 remote 3D Printers
  5. Team of 12 remote Laser Cutters
  6. For Rob, develop a team of 12 animators
  7. 12 Graphics Artists - infographics primarily, starting with 2 Minute Instructional
  8. 12 Book Sprinters in NYC
  9. 12 Script Writers
  10. 12 Video Editors
  11. 12 Loggers
  12. 12 Technical Writers for Instructionals Scripts
  13. 6 Bloggers for daily updates on all of our work
  14. 12 Chapters Organizers for regular Design Sprints
  15. 12 Event Organizers for regular Design/Build Sprints
  16. 12 Urban Center Leaders - organizers of regular Design/Build event in major metropoli
  17. 12 Grant Writers