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HintLightbulb.png Hint: Last updated June 2018

Active Development

This is a public interest project to open-source the infrastructures of civilization. To volunteer 10 hours of open source product development per week for 90 days, please apply at Development Team. To join full time, you can apply for the OSE Fellowship, which has 2 immersion training sessions per year. Projects under active development include the 3D Printer, Filament Maker, D3D Laser Cutter, CNC Circuit Mill, 3D Scanner, Power Cube, Microtrac, Seed Eco-Home, Aquaponic Greenhouse, CEB Press, and CNC Torch Table. Active development means that people are working on the project or we are recruiting people for the project. See Power Cube Genealogy, 3D Printer Genealogy, Tractor Genealogy, CEB Press Genealogy, CNC Torch Table Genealogy, CNC Circuit Mill Genealogy, Microhouse Genealogy, and Aquaponic Greenhouse Genealogy.

Development Log

See Development Log.

Critical Path

GVCS Completion