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The Universal Rotor is a highly modular, high power (1 hp-100 hp) machine that provides rotary power to many devices. It can be mounted on a tractor or on a stand-alone mount - and can be fitted with a wide array of toolheads, such as wheels, string trimmer, posthole digger, sawmill, tree planting auger, slurry mixer - or 26 GVCS machines in total.

A good introduction video that discusses many of the aspects of the Universal Rotor and applications -


Problem Statement

The goal now is for RIT - ESW to decide on what to do with the Universal Rotor. We have relatively complete documentation of the universal rotor build - so it would make sense to choose an implement for the Universal Rotor - such as a Pelletizer. See Pelletizer Disassembly Pictures from our recent trip to Farm Hack in New Hampshire.

Deliverables by early June

  • Design files and bill of materials for improved rotor
  • Design files and bill of materials for standard attachment to machines such as the Pelletizer or Chipper_Hammermill.
  • Approach to supporting universal rotor as necessary while attached to machines.