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The extreme enterprise method brings about the feasibility of large-scale development process resulting in $1B scale enterprise within a year.

Based on:

  • Swarm Builds - with 24 or 100 skilled people, or unskilled depending on amount of time allotted to learning. Or thousands with the full method method.
  • Module Based Design and corresponding Documentation such as wikis and realtime editable Google Docs
  • Modular Breakdown - breakind down module-based design into granular steps. This is Breakdown differs from Modular Design - in that the Breakdown is what you do within each module of Module-Based Design. Most useful way to think about Modules is those items that allow for rapid assembly of a complex product. Thus - assemblies - as they go into a finished product. It would be distinct from Parts, which are modules made from subparts (primitive parts). Thus, Primitive Parts (ex, bolt) making a Part (such as an engine) is a good distinction from Assembly. Primitive Parts are largely manufactured, and Assemblies are assembled into the final product. To summarize - we start with Module-Based Design, then do Modular Breakdown on each module.
  • Incentive Challenges - large scale participation in design, shifting to Topgraded Incentive Challenges in the full implementation.
  • Collaborative Literacy - a method for avoiding Brook's Law so that development effort can scale
  • Funding - ability to coordinate via a guiding team
  • Rapid Prototyping and Digital Fabrication.
  • A face-time event - not in the virtual world but for real. Where we build and celebrate the result. It's a social event.
  • Digitization - representing every asset in CAD, video, text, or other digital documentation format - for worldwide, large-scale access

The process goes up to full product release of public goods, and this should be fundable through crowds, with different inputs:

  • Time - design, expertise, docuementation
  • Money
  • In-kind prototyping or other in-kind resources

The process must go through all the steps, including certifications, as in standard Productization

The ROI of such a process must be a billion dollar enterprise, soon. As in within 1 year of startup - thus making this a preferred method of complex product development, over Venture Capital and accompanying loss of control.

Missing Links

  • Collaborative literacy - awareness of this process. To be promoted through explainer video.
  • Heavyweight product management capacity - this includes a refined method, and capital to drive a certain development method while Voluntary Enforced Consensus.

Former Ideas