House Design Crash Course Video

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House Design: Crash Course Video

This is a reward that we want to develop a team for:

This will be the early release of a quality-content, tightly edited video crash course that takes the budding designer through all the steps of designig a house completely open source tool chain. This covers architecture, software, video production, rendering, part design, BIM, embedding of 3D viewable images in websites, and using Kdenlive, GIMP, Inkscape, and Natron for making a presentation on a building design. We will span content from foundation and structure calculations, to hints on effective design of interface details using the OBI modules, to designing interior furniture for importing into Sweet Home 3D, to using FreeCAD for Building Information Modeling (BIM), as well as generating floor plans, and up to landscaping the site with edible and biologically sound design. We will survey the critical points of code compliance for meeting local and global regulations with best practice. We will include rendering quality scenes in Blender. This will be a super-tight video edit of resources compiled for rapid learning from a wide range of sources. You will get early access to this video as beta testers of the content, prior to a general release to the public at a later time. Approximate length of video will be 30 minutes, so it will be a real crash course. This reward also includes the Spread the Word package.

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