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14 July 2019

Seriously slacking on documentation!

I've been working in kdenlive all week
concurrently using vokoscreen to document processes.
Look for a couple of kdenlive tutorials next week.

24 June 2019

I've been reading the Streamr docs/monetizing our own data/blockchain company.
Meshes well with my own UBI thoughts really.
It seems important to have processes immutable.

Also, I finally had a meshing insight.
I've been thinking about a community cider press project since I've been in Seattle.
OSE needs a cider press build.
THAT would work as a local hackathon project.
Still working on Linux admin type stuff.
Still "researchcrastinating".
At least I'm getting insights.
Back to work.

My hangup is trying to make the smart contracts appear in a readable form
in Truffle. I know it has to be a baby Linux question.
I'll figure it out.
I didn't realize until yesterday how much catering
blows up my head in the bad way.
A whole week off to recover and think.

20 June 2019

Oh wow look what I found not five minutes on Reddit today~
Someone is already using blockchain to help us monetize our own data.

Since data from the IoT is also on the table
it seems OSE should have a place here.

Ecology is Mind

I worked on my Ecology is Mind article a bit.
Hilariously, I followed a completely new train of thought,
well, in my perspective,
and came up with a nearly identical but at the same vastly different

Our heads are bigger than we think.

Never mind who's actually running the hologram.

19 June 2019

I don't even know where the in between time goes.

Back at the end of April I attended that AI Convention in Seattle,
lost my imposter syndrome regarding blockchain geekery,
was approached by a company about being a blockchain consultant,
decided to launch a sh*tcoin instead,
and now I just finished installing hopefully all of the Truffle-Ganache IDE in the Linux I installed last week.
Feeling pretty sassy about now.

OH and Tatiana Moroz is coming to Seattle!

18 June 2019

Worked straight through the meeting yesterday.
Finally had outstanding success last night.
Was having trouble getting the AppImage for Ganache to run.
I could get Ganache-CLI fine, but I was after that GUI.
I tried a few different files- off the Truffle site first, off GitHub, probably random files I found wandering in the hinterlands of the web,
all of those desperate things we do.

I could get to properties and set the permission, but then when I double-clicked there was nothing.
After uninstalling and then installing an older version of JavaScript,
removing a ganache download I'd stored in a directory, (thank-you TestOut course I bought through scammy community college),
and Idk what else, by that point my notes sucked,

I got to where when I double-clicked on my AppImage I got a terminal.
That was some improvement, right?
I did the only thing I could do at that point;
I took a walk.
At Trader Joe's I ran into a person I knew from earlier this year, who's a contract developer for The Beast,
working in the games division.
He invited me to coffee, and we talked about my progress and approach,
and the best place to get good glasses on the cheap.
It was extremely fortuitous.

I had planned to try to install the GUI AppImage via command line,
but after getting home and meditating a few, I turned on Houghie, double-clicked on my icon,
and finally I was in it.
Now I need to get another computer, do it all over again, and send it to a friend.
So that's where I've been. :-D

18 May 2019

On the 16th I wenty to the PNW Blockchain panel of developing smart contracts on blockchains.

I reconnected with Seth Goldfarb, who I'd met at a previous meetup, which I think I mentioned.

There were a couple of guys who remembered me from another previous meetup.
I think that's networking?
What came up was that one of the blockchain representatives said that his project had been open-sourced, and now it's not open-source, but that it will be open source again.
Tbh I didn't want to be rude and I think he knew he was on the spot.
It was a small but knowledgable audience.
My head was kind of spinning at that, and I didn't think to ask under what license such a thing is done.
Which means Marcin was right, so many weeks ago, when he directed me to pages describing different open source licensing.

15 May 2019

Trying to catch up on logging today.

I've been thinking a lot that integrating a 4D factor into our multi-dimensional printer should be as simple as adding a second nozzle with a moisture, temperature, or some other thing sensitive material to intitiate the change over time.
If we get on this we can launch the premiere Open Source Ironman suit.
That will definitely get us attention and legs.

I'm realizing more and more that transcending the wage-debt slavery system and moving into an abundance mindset, ie, the open source economy, is my heart in this. I was approached about being a blockchain consultant after attending an AI and Blockchain workshop at the AI Conference mentioned in my April 23 log. After the first weeks of excitement have worn off an I've settled down and thought about it, I'm realizing this would most likely entail a move into a part of The Machine I've steadfastly avoided my entire life. But there would be amazing learning opportunities. I don't know.

So about the Hackathon-
It was extremely helpful to get the feedback about messaging.
Our goal needs to be rewritten to be more direct.
It should be something like:
Our goal at Open Source Ecology is to get important industrial machines into the hands of everyday people,
people who can then use them to provide quality goods for their friends and neighbors.

13 May 2019

About to catch up on logs.

The Hackathon Saturday- one person took our info to pass on to a friend. I need business cards.

The Agile coach scrum goddess who was facilitating the section of presenters I was in
had taken great notes on my pitch and helped me fix it.
Big time.

Our elevator pitch- for now:

What if you needed a car part or a pipe fitting and all you had to do was contact a neighbor to create it for you on the spot? How would that make your life better?

Now what if your neighbor could make that pipe fitting from locally collected recyclables?
How would THAT make your life better?
How would that make the world better?

You can help create this world, where recyclables get made into needed items and where neighbors provide goods for one another using homemade Open Sourced machines.
This is our goal at Open Source Ecology.

On the plus side, she said my idea to have people find ways to move the 3D renderings on the wiki into FreeCAD in such a way that they're manipulable and to document was a great hackathon project.
Now to find people to do it.

10 May 2019

I forgot to note that I did figure out getting the drawing
onto the FreeCAD.
Now to eleventh hour get to changing the drawing.

To move views on the techdraw workbench the drawing needs to be a techdraw doc.
The link to the Python script to convert the pages is dead.
Of course.

I love don't love this.
You all have the patience of saints.

Serious dino action going on here. So I install the current FreeCAD onto my Windows, right?
Seems obvious. We'll be using it.
All of OSE's files are in Linux. Zipped.
Now someone is probably laughing about this. I'm really not.
I need some kind of command line interface to unzip the file.
I'm not sure this woud go the right way anyway?
Which makes sense.

So now I'm timing the install on a USB. Here to look at my notes. Again.
Starting the OSE Linux download at 12:37. This is definitely too long term to deal with in a hackathon.
OSE Linux
The download took about 26 minutes. Using Rufus to burn onto the USB took about 12.

9 May 2019

If I really tracked the time I spend thinking about this project.

So for the hackathon this Saturday I'm trying to go with Marcin's idea about the drawings,
but now I'm concerned there will be a disconnect between the drawings and me doing the work on Windows.
I'd started with downloading the parts library.
I can't find it in any menus, and when I search and find it
it presents me with the option of choosing an app to open the file.
I'm thinking that's a Linux/Windows diconnect?
Andyway. Going to try to tackle the drawings now.
The technical drawing workbench is included in the latest version of FreeCAD,
which is what I have on my computer.
On Windows because I still haven't downloaded Linux to Houghie.

7 May 2019


Working on figuring out Marcin's hackathon idea. Something about making exploded diagrams from CADs on the wiki. Of course I left my laptop at work.

We'll see how this goes on Chromie.

One love.

Otwt work to get my laptop. Guess I’ll spend the bus time listening to Antonopoulos
and reading white papers.
And reflecting on why I need a more streamlined laptop.

25 April 2019

This was the day, at the AI Conference, that I attended an AI and Blockchain "workshop".
Listening to the patterns of questions I realized that what is being called AI is still extremely basic, and yes, I get how various bits work even though I don't code, and I also realized that apparently the implications of blockchain while extremely mind-blowing are difficult for many developers to grasp.

24 April 2019

As I am writing this in MAY (yikes!,) after getting such amazing branding help at Hack For Your Mother, I'm appreciating how much more I'll be able to achieve in every direction.

So another day at the AI Conference.
A lot of people were there TO look for work.
That was interesting.

So this was also at Code Fellows.
It was a build your own blockchain bit,
but it was DragonChain, which used to be Disney,
but is now open source.
They have free resources there for developing and using blockchains,
but I haven't checked them out yet.
I will say most of what I'm finding on Coursera is beyond basic,
and I've reverted to AAnt vids.
But he's always the best anyway.
Back to DragonChain.
Of course any kind of Open Source, hardware, or political or economic event it is appropriate and topical to discuss OSE.
I've just been missing something catchy and succinct.
For now, I'm going with this on the outro:
"Our goal at Open Source Ecology is to get important industrial machines into the hands of everyday people,
people who can then use them to provide quality goods for their friends and neighbors.

23 April 2019

I attended The Global AI Conference in Seattle.
I volunteered and so was able to attend much of it for free.
It was life-changing.

The life-changing extended into the evening, when I attended an open source community hack night at Code Fellows where I was helped committing my first git to GitHub.

10 Feb 2019

Three hours looking up contact info and emailing homeschool programs and documenting.
Time to DANCE.

9 Feb 2019

Loafed all day yesterday, pretty much.

So back into the gloam-
Lex is helping me out immensely.
Thank-you Eukreign.

Unraveling how the templates work for an hour or so, then I'll get on to other things.
Egads. Even getting to this-
So Lex sent me the link to Marcin's explanation from a meeting a year or so ago.
But the /Template address diverts to the Development Spreadsheet Template with Marcin explaining how to make new projects on the wiki.
Which I think is actually helpful to me.
Oh now I'm in it!
Marcin goes into the Template:GVCS Header page,
and from there to the Template:ToolTemplate page.
This is so much more interesting than doing "homework",
I'm learning more, and I'm actually advancing the world in some small way.
So I'm following Marcin's instructions from the video I linked above,
and now I'm on the editing page for the ToolTemplate.
His explanation starts about 30 minutes in.
I'm thinking I need to just liven the links on the wiki?
And to figure out exactly what is a "burndown graph".
I thought I knew.

The burndown is a chart that shows how quickly the team is burning through builds.
It shows the total effort against the amount of work delivered each iteration.
Ok. So how is the ToolTemplate going to give us that information?

Every build needs a new spreadsheet template because every build is different.
Each build is a new iteration.
Documentation is where we're falling short.
I totally get it.

8 Feb 2019

I just realized I spend well over an hour yesterday on OSE.
Laughing my head off.
I found a message from Arkoprovo, in India, on my Instagram.
He has written a fabulous blog on a cooperative hardware system he is creating.
So while I thought I was loafing actually I was being responsible reactivating my involvement across a spectrum of social media and networking with an Open Source Economy thinker.
If not now, when?

7 Feb 2019

Realized I don't have to go to where the GVCS Header is actually coded, though I am still trying to figure that out.
At this point I'm focusing on "commenting out" the header where the links aren't live and at some future point putting something in place for each link- at the least a redirect.
Right now I am working on the 3D Printer, D3D Printer, and the Universal Axis,
as those are the projects I'll be presenting soon.
It occurred to me that I don't know how to find the plans for the D3D,
So I'm off to do that now.

So the elevator pitch-
The idea of OSE is that you can go anywhere.
You take your software, your 3D printer parts, a limited amount of feedstock, and your powersource.
You can go anywhere and create your civilization.
The idea of Open Source Ecology is you can go anywhere and create your civilization.
We're creating the blueprints and giving them to you
so you can go anywhere
and create your civilization.

6 Feb 2019

3 Feb 2019

Edited GVCS bar off of the 3D Printer page.
NOT the D3D Printer page, but the 3D Printer page.
I converted to html then used html comment code. The bar is still in the documentation.
Collecting 3D and D3D printer links in a section on my log to try to make sense of before the next event
at which I'll be representing.
Because dangling prepositions.
OH Lex updated me- Eukreign is my hero here some days.
THIS is our GitHub.

I updated on our DemocracyLab page.
Ask Marcin or me for the sign-in if you would like to help flesh this out.
I know open source, but I'm just not that brave to post it on a wiki.

2 Feb 2019

No idea how this took three hours.
Went through my screenshots lf links I know Marcin sent but I cannot find in my notes.
Updated current meeting Slides and filled out a card for me. A first.
Went through GitHub finding OSE projects, which I forked to my repository.
I found an OSE/dev repository, which Lex created?
This is what I'm using as our GitHub when asked,
so we'd better get this updated stat.
UPDATE Lex sent me the actual OSE GitHub repository link.
I must have left something out,
but I guess following up on researching various hackathon details
and checking my links and working through those vagaries,
and forking GitHub repositories,
three hours really isn't that long.
NM the three hours, lol. Still working.
Caps for me.

1 Feb 2019

DemocracyLab OSE Project Page

On DemocracyLab we need a file repository link and a project management link.
Followup- I found this repository, which I am using.
I've also messaged Lex to ask him how to best maintain and use.
Followup- Slack is the standard, but ours is pretty slow,
so I wasn't really wanting to use it.
I lost the link Marcin gave me last meeting for the regular messaging system.

Forum is very inactive

Ecology is Mind

20 June, 2019: It wouldn't have hurt to date the previous entry. Live and learn. And yeah yeah I know I can find the date.

What is ecology anyway? I think of it as the way everything operates together. But then we're operating in a hologram, so what IS ecology?

I am finding zero non-biological definitions. It's the science of living organisms' relationships to one another and to their environment(s). And that's it.


Ecosystem then. There we go. "A complex network or interconnected system". THAT is mind.

Our interactions with our environments transfer and store huge amounts of data. We are constantly accessing this data subconsciously. This is the energy that people get from and contribute to their environments.

The trick is to move this from the subconscious to the conscious and to store and retrieve this data deliberately.

Previous entry for which I am not yet figuring out the date:

So I'm watching a vid in Gordon White's Sigils course. (Will insert speaker's name later)(Talking about Runa culture/Amazon)

This is the quote:

"Ecology is Mind".

Even when I'm not working on OSE I'm working on OSE. I don't know how to reflect the coreness of it all.

Now it's November 2018 and I don't remember where I was going with this.
Given an external mind, which I'm not sure I care to argue,
it would seem ecology is mind by default.

I think it goes a little deeper than that.

If our ecology is the environment in which we live, or more specifically, how we maintain that environment, especially in balance, then Ecology is Mind recognizes that interaction between our minds and the world around us.

I posit that this is a very direct relationship between our biology and the biology of the world around us. I certainly don't believe that this is the only interaction that our minds have with the natural world, but this is certainly happening.

IF and they can read the data being transmitted through a device by the changes in the electricity going through the wall socket- IF and they can take pictures of your dreams and form words and move limbs from your thoughts- IF and they can store data in DNA-

Then WE are the singularity.

We need to transcend the "need" for hardware and learn to interface with our reality directly.

Or it could mean the environment is a mind.


That's another singularity.