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===Jen's note===

This is a public journal of my processes on this project.
As such, many of the links and comments really are for me.
This is my primary log.
Now I'm thinking I need backup.
Have a blessed day- or whichever kind of day you choose.

I'm not sure how this is going to help,
but I am forking all of the OSE projects I'm finding on GitHub
onto my page there.
metaverde, if you're looking.
Also, if I'm missing any, hit me up.

Homeschool Funding

Alternative Economy Projects

D3D links notes (for me)

So be patient. This will look a mess until I get it all straight.
I'm keeping links here as I try to eliminate dead links from the various wiki pages to which I'll be referring people
because sending people to pages full of dead links is just rude.

3D Printer pages on our wiki- edited before I thought to check date. Derp.
The GVCS header has several dead links:

{{GVCS Header}}  November 2018 Not created yet. Not created yet. Not created yet. Not created yet.

Not sure why the above boxed up so prettily, but I like it.

D3D Printer page on wiki December 2018 April 2017 redirected fromD3D Log link March 2017 April 2017

Inside the green box- June 2018 January 2019

Inside next green box- January 2019 April 2017 March 2018
This is supposed to be the most current page on the project. It is not current.

Research and devlopment D3D

Trippy side comment-
See what the {{GVCS Header}} does when it's on MY page?

Jen notes
   Home  |  Research & Development  |  Bill of Materials  |  Manufacturing Instructions  |  User's Manual  |  User Reviews    78px

Isn't that interesting? So it isn't really a GVCS header at all.

Universal Axis notes

The universal axis pattern language: xyz table.
Universal Axis
Okay, this is weird.
When I put the pipe at the end of the link address I get an error message that it is an illegal character.
When I use a space it gets included in the link name.
The xyz table link uses the pipe at the end of the address, no problem.
My solution was to try no pipe, just spaces for the D3D and the Universal Axis links.
That works. Very interesting.