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HintLightbulb.png Status - Done: microtrac build fall 2017 To Do: pilot github repo for OSE hardware, microtrac dev work for build 2018 Blocks: dev team meeting

Josh Krokowski work log

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Tractor Construction Set 2018 D3D

Tues Apr 24, 2018

Dev meeting. Part naming discussion and talk about versioning. Dev Team meeting, working on Microtrac Frame

Mon Apr 23, 2018

Work on OSE Part Naming Convention, proposed vastly simplified standard. Reorganize MicroTrac part structure. Test Part naming and reconfiguring assembly (Frame)
Link to thoughts about part naming:
Basically part naming has two main ways that you can think of it, one focused on description, one on unique identifiers.

Tues Apr 17, 2018

Started github repository for MicroTrac here:
Populated Github with files I could find, working on putting more in. This should help the microtrac project collect the cad files better. The wiki is still the best page for documentation, but the github repo will be a great way to keep track of all the assemblies and CAD files without cluttering up the page.
Also made a ton of edits to Tractor Construction Set 2018

Tues Apr 10, 2018

Start wiki page for 2018 tractor set

Tues Apr 3, 2018

Updates to Microtrac
Updates to D3D, potential replication?

Tues Nov 7, 2017

This week is going to be working through MicroTrac documentation here
The documentation will really help when doing a ceiling analysis

Potential tractor projects are:

  • tensioner mechanism
  • loader arm reconfiguration
  • idler shaft mounting?

Fri Nov 3, 2017

Planning out next parts to model up
Found this course on fluid power on Coursera. Seems cool!
If it becomes useful in the future, Open source equivalents to Matlab/Simulink = Octave/Sci Cosim
Came up with some cool ways to cut out the loader arms by hand by taking measurements from a 2D sketch, which part sketch can be found here

Wed Nov 1, 2017

Google just released this google-doc like environment for data science, basically a big jupyter notebook that has prebuilt dependencies. It would be super cool to have something like this for FreeCAD and documentation

Tues Oct 31, 2017

Review dev team meeting after getting back to CO from Factor E Farm here

Mon Oct 30, 2017

Day 5 of tractor build. We got the tractor running and Marcin drove it around. It has A LOT of power
The tensioning mechanism and motor mount configuration definitely has the most work that needs to be done.
Need to do some quick research into finding a good crash course on hydraulics

Sun Oct 29, 2017

Day 4 of tractor workshop
Spent the morning helping figure out the situation with the sprocket and motor mount attaching to the tensioner. This was a pretty major issue that prvented us from getting the tractor running today. I really do think we'll get it running early tomorrow.
There could be a better way to mount the shaft with a single collar bolted to the bottom of the frame. Eliminating the shaft clamp and motor mount plate in favor of a single Spent a good chunk of the afternoon figuring out the cuts for the second piece of the loader arms. Check out the doc here . I'm actually really impressed we were able to build them up and tack them with just a torch, grinder and welder. It's been a really powerful experience to recognize how little is necessary to actually build these machines and get them going.
I've been really impressed at what can happen when you get so many people together to work on a project like this.
We worked until about midnight-thirty to get the loader arms set up, tighten and check that the tensioning mechanism works.
I was also feel like we could really drop the size of the power cube more by reconfiguring the cooler, engine configuration and the motor coupling.

Sat Oct 28, 2017

Day 3 of tractor workshop
Spent a good portion of the day learning FreeCAD drawing dimensioning workbench to get some dimensions for the loader arms
After the frame was welded up, I welded on the motor mount plate and we were able to get the power cube running
Cut out some 1 bolt shaft clamps in the evening
I think it has been really valuable to have some solid CAD to be able to pull from and tweak and draw up to make sure things fit together well

Fri Oct 27, 2017

Day 2 tractor workshop
Spent the morning doing some FreeCAD dimensioning and drawing for Power cube (future power cube cut lists like this would be great)
We got the flat parts of the frame all cut out and welded up for the power cube
Welds weren't perfect, and had to be majorly ground down.
Another 10 hrs :)
Accidentally marked 6hrs from yesterday as being for Sat Oct 28

Thurs Oct 26, 2017

Day 1 of tractor workshop
Learning/help teach FreeCAD in the morning (~4hr)
Shop intro:(~6hr)

  • grinding
  • mag-dril
  • oxy-fuel cutting training (process tips in nb)
  • dissassemble old tractors
  • MIG Welding practice

Tues Oct 24, 2017

changes to implement for vibratory plow:

  • Angle should be 1/2" steel.
  • Shank is too long - just cut it down to 18" or so
  • Check out more efficient eccentric mount: here
  • thicken shank to 1"
  • thicken ecc weight

Weekly doc

Mon Oct 23, 2017

discuss Duniter on slack with Oliver and lex and join test-net
review changes for vibratory plow to be made tomorrow morning before meeting

Sun 0ct 22, 2017

Button up vibratory plow concept for review - [1]

Fri Oct 20, 2017

Restructuring mount assembly. Breaking out into sub-components.
Eccentric weight model (5lb rough size/geometry)

Thurs Oct 19, 2017

Patent research on vibration mechanism, links in working doc.

Wed Oct 18, 2017

Initial concept, needs a lot more work: File:Vibratory plow.FCStd

Tues Oct 17, 2017

Work on vibratory plow (~2.5 hrs) getting CAD concept together. Simplified concept by eliminating the motion and fixing to the quick mount plate.
Some pages to work: OSEDev Workbench, CAD Standards 2012, CAD Standards
automation meeting tonight on Jitsi channel
Oct 17 working doc
Gazebo (physics engine couple options) physics simulator
tractor mass calculation from past build
openCV future app, but IMU will be used for this iteration
ROS working doc

Fri Oct 13, 2017

Rough force output calculation for vibratory plow and considering geometry simplifications (1 hr)
Digging force calc doc is interesting here

Tues Oct 10, 2017

Float valve for hydraulic cylinders to eliminate over-constrained linkage
Check out annotated freeCAD parts for teaching best practices, try using this macro from Roberto: File:Annotation.FCMacro

Playing with Lattice2 WB could be pretty cool...
Dev team weekly doc here

Mon Oct 9, 2017

Some primitive 2D sketch work on the vibratory plow, just for conceptual design, done in This Doc

Wow, vibratory plows are badass.... links: here and here
They call it a "pipe puller" on the Toro Dingo. I think this is probably closest to what we want: here and Toro Dingo Vibratory Plow

Spent some time working on some FreeCAD stuff with Lex (GT2 Pulley)
I'm thinking it would be nice to have a CAD work "best practices" page put together if it doesn't already exist, trying starting with something like this: Best CAD Practices

Also, planning to head out to Factor e-farm for the tractor build at the end of October

Implement talk from Marcin:
I'd like to add one implement request before mower and tiller. It turns out that we need to trench 800 feet of power line to the seed eco-home for backup as we test the off-grid PV system at the Seed Eco-Home. Can you do a vibratory trencher as the first implement? It needs to go down only 12". Now you have the female mount, you can use that on it. Because microtrac is 41" wide, we also want to have a QA female that is 41" wide. Both would work if we make our male part a little more narrow. The pin locations are the limiting factor - but we have flexibility there as there are 2 pin locations on each side.

See vibratory plot for insderting cable - - on the back of thiis ditch witch. It is just a motor with a non-balanced weight on the rotor. We can use Abe's 5 cu in motor -

Sun Oct 8, 2017

DFM on the bobcat standard quick attach
Pictures and Links about quick attach plates
Redrew mounting plate with sheet metal approach: File:Bobcat-QA-female.FCStd
The sheet metal add-on worked great (you can find it here ). My only qualm is the the bend feature doesn't have options for things like material added on the outside or inside or distance offsets. The radius also adds length to the total flange, which is unfortunate. Maybe we could get some programmers on that?

Sat Oct 7, 2017

Some work for implements on the tractor: A 2-pto motor brush hog. Rotor direct coupled to motors. Use Abe's new motors, 5 cu in. The cutter is a cross, 8" wide, with 8" of chain welded to tips. So each cutter has a 24" overall diameter. Thus we get 48" of cut from an implement that
A coumter-rotating time tiller driven by two high torque motors, same profile of motors as the 5 cu in. Motors ride on top, and are linked to the shafts via 100 chain here, since that is so expensive (including sprockets), please just use our existing 8 tooth sprocket and chain links without track pads as in our tracks. That will work well for high torque. A dust guard should be on top. Width of overall tiller should be 42", so hopefully 3' of tilling width. We can do 1/4" thickness for the chain link pieces.

Wed Oct 4, 2017

Finished Bobcat quick attach mounting plate: File:Bobcat-QA-mounting-plate.FCStd
About 2hrs for QA plate
Uploaded files for standards of quick attach
Next thoughts: update in tractor model
I was pretty frustrated with the lack of construction geometry in FreeCAD. It's not even possible to create a construction plane, or to set an offset distance for a pad or pocket. This makes it SUPER difficult to get things done when you are used to SolidWorks or the like. Also, mapping a sketch to a sketch face, then mapping out the edges takes way too much time for my liking. Those would be fun things to improve upon...

Tues Oct 3, 2017

create female bobcat quick attach Bobcat Standard Quick Attach
team meeting (about 1.75 hrs) covered a lot of ground, notes here
joined slack channel, lets talk Python about FreeCAD Workbench Programming 101 & D3D Workbench in FreeCAD

Tues Sept 19, 2017

~2hr meeting and HR/recruiting presentation
~1hr looking over MicroTrac
get working on large tractor frame, MicroTrac frame:File:Frame.fcstd

Tues Sept 5, 2017

Download OSE Linux and test Live USB
Front loader arms with info Tractor Construction Set 2017

Tues Aug 29, 2017

team meeting
Things to work on:
Geometry considerations for power cube:
study powercube orientation above to figure out 20" x 20" x 31"
lulzbot extruder for future 3d printer
endstop integration
timesheet migration to next week
assembly2 workflow "level 2"
learn commit with git for FreeCAD

Fri Aug 18, 2017

Finish Rough model of 16hp engine: File:Xp16hp.FCStd (about 4hr)

Thurs Aug 17, 2017

About an hour of finding documentation for the 16HP engine for the Power Cube
Begin FreeCAD Model of the the 16HP Engine for the Power Cube

Tues Aug 15, 2017

Fill out timesheet
Dev Team meeting

Fri Aug 11, 2017

Work with SVGs for the LAIs

Wed Aug 9, 2017

Joined design sprint at 1PM CST, layout path ~45min
Open FreeCAD Assem 1:45
Search for belt pegs (couldn't find), switch over to working on fitting axes & bed to frame for the rest of design sprint

Tues Aug 8, 2017

Dev Team Presentation
Planned Design sprint Wednesday, watch Roberto's Video

Sat Aug 5, 2017

Filled out user page for myself and completed tasks for new developer orientation

Thurs Aug 3, 2017

watched team meeting/tractor team meeting, look through filament maker wiki page.
Seems to be work on Spool winder, but extruder seems to be in good place?

Wed Aug 2, 2017

FreeCAD test completed!

Mon Jul 31, 2017

Developer Test: OSE linux set up on USB