Tractor Construction Set 2018

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This is the master page of all tractor development for 2018

See github page at for quick part download and latest versions


  • A set of hydraulically driven, versatile tractors:
    • MicroTrac, a walk-behind tractor
    • LifeTrac, a larger riding tractor
  • Easily configurable
  • Straightforward to maintain
  • Cost effective to build using the OSE Microfactory or a set of basic tools

HintLightbulb.png Hint: The previous version can be found at Tractor Construction Set 2017

Development Docs(Needs update)

(edit link below links to the correct spreadsheet, but the iframe is linked to the previous version)
(burndown chart is not correct)

Development Template


Burndown Chart

Task Allocation (Needs update)

Master Checklist(Needs update)


Workshop Preparation (tentatively set for August)

  • CAD update (link to pictures here ):
  1. Update the frame
  2. Loader Arm Geometry
  3. Update the tensioner and 6 tooth sprocket
  4. Update the motor assembly and its mounting
  5. Update loader arm pivot
  6. New mount of the curl cylinder on the bucket
  7. Update lower arm cylinder mount
  8. Update bucket.
  9. Add operator platform
  • Detailed Build Instructions:
  1. Fab drawings
  2. Step-by-step instructionals
  3. CNC cut files
  4. Any necessary jigs or templates
  • Microtrac Design Guide

This iframe and build instruction doc needs update


Part Library (Needs update)

HintLightbulb.png Hint: See OSE Part Library for the tractor parts, which should be moved here and a link to the MicroTrac Part Library should be added at OSE Part Library.


MASTER - File:MT.fcstd

Sub-assembly breakdown:

1 - Frame

  1. Idler Shaft, 3 in - 3x
  2. Shaft Clamps, 3in, 3 hole - 8x
  3. Shaft Clamps, 3in, 1 hole - 4x
  4. Square Tubing, 4in, 11 hole - 2x
  5. Square Tubing, 4in, 5 hole - 4x
  6. Square Tubing, 4in, 1 hole - 2x
  7. Idler Shaft Bushing, 3in, 2x
  8. Idler Shaft Mount -4x

2 - Drive Train

  1. Idler, Bearing for 3in shaft - 4x
  2. Track, ??? links, ?? ?width - 2x

3 - Power

  1. Power Cube, 16hp - 1x
  2. OPTIONAL: Small Power Cube - 1x
  3. Hydraulic fittings, hoses (need to update)

4 - Loader

  1. Loader Arms, 0.5in plate, torched - 4x
  2. Arm Cylinders, ???size - 2x
  3. Curl Cylinders, ???size - 2x
  4. Quick attach, Male, Left - 1x
  5. Quick attach, Male, Right - 1x
  6. Quick attach, Female - 1x
  7. Quick attach to arms interface plate - 4x
  8. Mid Arm Stabilizer bar - 1x
  9. Bucket - 1x
  10. Tooth Bar

5 - Tensioner

  1. Sprocket - 2x
  2. Hydraulic Motor - 2x
  3. Motor interface mount - 2x
  4. Motor interface to tensioner body plate - 4x
  5. Front Tensioner Body, 0.5in plate - 1x
  6. Back Tensioner Body, 0.5in plate - 1x
  7. Top Tensioner Body, 0.5in plate - 1x
  8. Bottom Tensioner Body, 0.5in plate - 1x
  9. Threaded rod, 1in - 2x
  10. Shaft Bushing, 3in - 2x

6 - Control System

  1. Hyrdaulic control panel
  2. Electromechanical control (Arduino, remote)

Modules (Needs update)

  • GPS + Computer Vision - using standard phone gps, the tractor has a GPS unit to which the Feed Me App connects. Computer Vision helps guide the tractor.
  • Feed Me App - remote control smart phone app app combining GPS with computer vision to allow direct smart phone control,preprogrammed control, and computer vision assist which prevents the tractor from bumping into things
  • Control solenoids - connected to Arduino - these allow for automated motion of the tractor
  • Hydraulic control module - the hydraulic valves and circuit for running the tractor
  • Solar power cube - a small power cube that can run from a single power cube.
  • Power cube - the 16 hp base that is scalable and practical up to 160 hp
  • Hydraulic Reservoir module - it is the reservoir to which one can connect any number of power cubes
  • Cooler module - hydraulic fluid cooling system to itch can be attached any number of power cubes for cooling
  • Gasifier module - a gasifier burner that works with charcoal for providing fuel to the power Cube

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