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User:Kienle's Plans


Projects to follow

Summer of Extreme Design-Build 2020

  • Call with Marcin
    • expectation: gaining expertise in anything that help towards open source vacuum cleaner
      • motor control, power electronics
      • more hands-on than computer-related stuff...
    • discuss prep work
      • Arduino: going step-wise towards power electronics with short videos
      • documenting build-up of D3D Universal
    • BOM
      • semi-automated script to fill in spreadsheet (is there a need for it?)
    • enterprise track (decision by May 1st)
      • would like to have good audio/video including group discussions!
  • Get more proficient with key tools/workflows
    • FreeCAD
    • Inkscape
    • how to do effective (multi-media) documentation? (Gabe)
  • Do Instructor Exam, perhaps at Summer of Extreme Design-Build 2020
    • Jeremy's exam [1]

D3D Know How

Collecting useful information on the D3D Universal here -- not sure if such a page exists yet...

Embedded STL viewer

Something like this might be nice to incorporate: