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I have a background in computer science (Ph.D. at University of Victoria, Canada) and want to advance projects that relate to the ideas of open*. I live in Berlin, Germany.

I have basic skills in

I did participate in the January 2020 STEAM Camp (Group at Ghent, Belgium). My motivation for participation (send to Marcin via email):

I have been following OSE loosely over the years because I feel OSE pulls together all the key concepts that are dear to me (open*, repair-ability, commoning, tackling environmental impact), but so far I never found the time to seriously connect. I am subscribed to the OSE newsletter and that's how I heard about it. The call/info sounds very exciting and gave me the "push to action"... :) I don't have any particular learning goal -- I want to stay open-minded an go with the flow of the event. But generally, any practical skills that will help me to become more proficient in designing/building mechatronics would be great. One of the big challenges I am facing is going from analysis paralysis and theory-build to practical prototyping and development. (If I understand correctly, this is also tackled by the camp when it says: "But you did not know where to start?".) From the bigger picture, I want to start pursuing the idea of building open* electrical household appliances, perhaps starting with a (canister) vacuum cleaner. I guess you can look at it as a GVCS on an urban-household-scale. However, in contrast, these appliances, are, of course, not needed for "survival" and more on the convenience side. But since so many of these are sold and thrown away as "black boxes", I think it would have a big impact..."

More info to follow...

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