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Dedicated Project Visit Contract for Lawrence Kincheloe to Develop a Replicable, Low Cost, High Performance, Open Source, Multipurpose, CNC XYZ Table

August 19, 2009


The goal of this contract is to create a win-win situation for research and development (R&D) activity at Factor e Farm (FeF), according to the Factor e Farm Position Statement (words in double brackets signify entries in the OSE Wiki. This contract is between Factor e Farm, represented by Marcin Jakubowski, Ph.d, (herein Research Director or RD) and Lawrence Kincheloe (herein Developer, or Dev), and is within the scope of a Dedicated Project Visits (DPV). This contract also marks a general template for accepting first-time, on-site developers for Dedicated Project Visits of all kinds. The duration of this contract is from August 20 to September 20, 2009. This contract includes, among others: entry and exit procedures, infrastructure issues, and most importantly, Minimum Acceptable Performance on part of the Developer. The Research Director and the Evaluation Advisory Team, currently consisting of 3 members, will evaluate the work performed by the Developer. Evaluation is based on: (1), adherence to the FeF Position Statement, (2), completion of the specified project scope and (3), the technical merits of the project as performed by the Developer, in the order mentioned.

It is understood that the scope of the project is extensive, and the project is much bigger than any individual. The combination of the FeF Position Statement, OSE Specifications for replicability, neosubsistence goals, and the day-to-day life of FeF, combine to a complex experiment. This experiment is based on building upon learnings from history to create a replicable, resilient, post-scarcity community free from geopolitical compromise. This imposes unique constraints upon the project, and such an experiment in its entirety is unprecedented. Our approach is proactive, as we 'create the road by walking.' We welcome feedback on possible solutions from other practitioners which is constructive and civil in tone.

We are extremely optimistic about the results obtained so far, and we welcome all additional proposals for Dedicated Project Visits. This contract is an example of how such a visit begins, so that expectations are clear. It must be added that FeF is simply different than any place you have seen. How do we know that? Because even we are always surprised to see it evolve in a way different than we could ever imagine or theorize on a piece of paper - and I have kept a journal of progress for years.

Because of the complex nature of the FeF experiment, all participants are required to keep an open mind. In order to meet the goals of the FeF Position Statement, developers are required to consider the FeF Position Statement and related methodology at all times when making project-related decisions. In particular:

1. All project-related decisions - including design, resource allocation, and prioritization - must be approved by the research director. All these decisions should be clear at the outset of the DPV, and they should be recorded in the initial proposal. The purpose of the proposal is to avoid stalling the project because of lack of concrete direction. Decisions must be endorsed fully by both parties, or otherwise conflict of interest may arise.

2. There will be a short daily meeting at 9 AM and an evaluation meeting at dinnertime (6 PM). This is to discuss plans and review progress.

Scope of Project

To minimize feature creep and to make a solid contribution to the FeF experiment, the minimum acceptable performance of the project will be as follows. It is to be understood that this represents the bare minimum to be considered a successful Project Visit and in no way represents the full list of considered tasks. Furthermore it will be understood that mitigating circumstances may change the scope of the project, at which such times the Research Director and the Developer will modify the scope of the project or cancel the contract. A signed affidavit will attest to these changes agreed upon by both parties.

1. Full documentation of work as specified in "Documentation".

2. Setting up control software on an available computer, testing and installing motors in torch table.

3. Building frame support structure for the torch table

4. Building torch table proper

5. Attach torch head end effector.

6. Fully evaluate final prototype, and develop improvements.


1. 3 blog posts are the minimum requirement. The initial blog shall contain an introduction and proposal. The second blog post shall contain a progress update, as well as crowd funding basket, if needed. The final post, to be published prior to leaving FeF unless otherwise agreed upon, should cover video documentation of the build and other noteworthy results relevant to the FeF Position Statement.

2. The final blog post must contain video document ation of the build process, showing the important steps for viewers' education. See examples of hardware builds on the blog. In this particular case, computer, controller, and software setup are as important to document as the hardware build.

3. Dev will maintain and update the Torch Table Build wiki page.

4. This contract will be published as a sample on the wiki.

5. All participants are expected to keep a daily record of their project progress, as well as of additional observations related to the FeF Position Statement. We have a common FeF Journal for this purpose. The purpose of this journaling is reflection, planning, evaluation, and assessment - for purposes of increasing our effectiveness.

Living and Working environment

1. Participants are expected to put in 8 hours of work per day. Sunday is a day of rest.

2. The Hexayurt will be available to the Developer which is to be in good repair. This structure will have a sleeping cot, and Dev will provide his own sleeping bag and pillow. The structure does not have electricity, and it has an earth floor.

3. We are 100% off-grid in electricity, with our use of solar panels. The daily allotment of electricity for the Dev's use is 1/2 kWhr, or enough for 2.5 hours of laptop/internet use per day. This does not include workshop power. Additional internet use will be made available as necessary for project completion.

4. Dev will be given a 12x12 working area in the workshop.

5. FeF has a camper with stove for cooking, available at all times, to be limited in case Developer demonstrates that he forgets to turn off the stove.

6. Participants will either do their own cooking and food shopping, or do it together upon agreement. This is to accommodate different dietary requirements/desires of participants.

7. A rooftop rainwater catchment of 900 gallon capacity is used for drinking and household water. We also have a manually-pumped water well. Watering the garden may be done with well water if needed. Dev is expected to be conscientious of the water supply. As of 8.19.09, the water catchment is full.

8. A solar shower is available, and hot showers are available any time that the sun is shining. Showers should be well under a half hour long, and preferably, a few minutes.

9. The rooftop water system provides drinking water to the FeF community. The Developer will be alloted one gallon of water a day for his own personal use. This does not include water used for cooking, cleaning, or bathing as mentioned above. We recommend that the Dev purchase his own drinking water if he exceeds this allotment. (For reference: 45 cents per gallon for refills at local store)

10. A composting toilet is available for the Dev's use. If Dev is not satisfied with the experience, he may build another. We may have some materials that may be used for this purpose.


1. RD will cover material and supply costs for DPV.

2. Crowd funding will be initiated through the collaborative effort of both parties as needed.

3. Dev is expected to cover his own food costs.

4. If there are any missing items necessary for the Dev's comfort, he is required to secure/build/fund them.

5. Dev is not expected to pay for any of the R&D budget. If tools or equipment break due to normal use, RD assumes the loss. If there are any capital losses due to outright and clear carelessness or negligence, the Dev may be asked to cover the damages.

6. Both parties shall work on this project as volunteers.

7. All non-consumables and left over consumables brought by the Developer to FeF will return with the Developer at his discretion. If an item is to be left, it must be agreed upon by both parties. Otherwise, said item must return with the Developer.

8. No property may be taken from FeF without the RD explicit written consent. It is understood that work performed at FeF is to remain at FeF as a part of the volunteer work agreed upon by coming to FeF.

Other Considerations

1. Dev will provide his own transportation to and from Factor e Farm.

2. Dev will volunteer to drive RD/ lend RD his car to check out and purchase a new pickup truck. This may require several trips within the local area. RD will cover gas costs. Our Suburban is declared dead, after it lost compression 3 weeks ago. A pickup truck is required especially for picking up metal from the local metal shop. We will began our car search in the next few days, and we aim to have a new car within a week.

3. Until RD acquires a new car, Dev will be required to drive us for food shopping or for other supplies.

4. A good hardware store and a small grocery store are within a 2 mile driving distance.

5. Any produce from the garden and orchard may be shared with respect. Currently, we have no produce coming from the garden, but we do have an abundance of raspberries. We expect to have a decent crop of tomatoes within about a month, and we are presently getting a couple of chicken eggs per day. Dev is encouraged to set up rabbit traps, as we have an abundance of wild rabbits this year.

6. The general nature of FeF is that we provide a basic working and living environment. Because it is impossible to describe the conditions without one seeing them. While opinions vary, we note that from the hundreds of visitors so far - one has expressed that the place looks actually better in reality than in the videos. An interesting metaphor to describe our place is: "We live like the pioneers 200 years ago, except that the Indians are shooting at you through the internet." We stick our necks out, and give birth to interesting discussions.

7. This contract is intended to provide maximum disclosure and to create a win-win situation. We are interested in creating post-scarcity economics, which imply open source economic development, which implies maximum disclosure for empowering everyone. We expect that both parties keep good faith with respect to this point, and to consider that this point is inherent to the FeF Position Statement.

8. From all our specifications, we require that the Dev keep replicability and economic significance of the development work as the most important features that can contribute to fulfilling the FeF position statement. The means to this end include, primarily, building on proven techniques. Given the complexity of our project, we focus on proven techniques to control risk.

9. Upon entering FeF, Dev must sign a liability release waiver.

10. Safety is of utmost importance in the work environment. Both parties must keep their work areas clean and safe, and any unavoidable dangers must be clearly marked or explained as such. Dev is required to provide his own safety or protective equipment, such as glasses, gloves, or earplugs.

11. A fire extinguisher is provided by RD and available in a central workshop location.

12. There shall be no illegal activity at FeF. Participants are expected to abide by the FeF Rules of Conduct

Entry and Exit Policy

1. If Dev is not re-invited to apply for a second month contract, then he has one day from Sep. 20 to leave FeF. It is understood that Dev has a ready option to pursue if things don't work out at FeF.

2. At the discretion of either party, this one month contract may be canceled at any time. An agreed upon exit time or one day, whichever is longest, will be given to gather his belongings.

License and Copyright

FeF shall hold the copyright to the works derived by this project.

All work by both parties will be carried out under the GPL license with modifications for hardware development. We would like to put content into the public domain, but we are also interested in guarding the openness of this work. We intend to leave the option of enforcing this openness. For this reason, we are choosing the GPL.

In short, we want people to use our work, to publish it and its derivatives openly, to make a living by using this work. The intent is the creation of abundance, a rigorous condition which can be facilitated with the access to the means of optimal production. Such access is provided by the open source nature of the project - which is extended to open source economic production, and open source business models.

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If you find the above considerations of the FeF experiment overwhelming or unsavory, then you may want to look for a different project. We need to be clear about this point from the start, because the FeF experiment imposes well-defined requirements on its participants. We feel that if you are not aligned clearly with our operational principles, then conflict will be likely to occur as a result. Our goal is to serve the common good, and unnecessary conflict gets in the way of our goal.


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