Marcin Log - January 2015

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Fri Jan 30, 2015

$5M Per Executive Organization. Viral Replicability Criteria. Time-Binding. Solutions. January 15. Major contribution from Marco Fregonese. Garden Pool.

Thu Jan 29, 2015

Character Stand and Promise

Wed Jan 28, 2015

Matternet. Talked to Anielle of Tridom.

Tue Jan 27, 2015

Today's goal is to define Development Requirements, and to flesh out the first iteration of a complete Development Template. Begin refining the structure of Development Template based on Development Requirements. Call out True Fans Hangout for January. Portuguese Lesson.

Mon Jan 26, 2015

Higher Learning - defined as ethics, empathy, regenerative development, peace studies, global grand challenge awareness, and other topics of taking learnings and not forgetting them after graduation. This must be funded through integrated productive efficiency (Andrew Feenberg) - joining the liberatory power of technology with effective production. General Semantics. Self Determination Theory. Transactional Analysis. Political Ponerology. Society Counseling.

Sat Jan 24, 2015

OSE MicroHouse Editor

Fri Jan 23, 2015

Best Permaculture Design Course on the Planet. Top Hardware Accelerators.

Thu Jan 22, 2015

3D House Printer Projects. The Mesh Directory.

Mon Jan 19, 2015

First Board of Directors meeting of the year.

Fri Jan 16, 2015

Branding. My audience is anyone who wants to create fundamental transformation in the world, but does not have the perspective or skills to do so.

I want the audience to join me in the effort of building the first high-performance regenerative settlement in the world, as a means to demonstrate that a modern standard of living can be achieved while regenerating nature and humanity.

Specifically, I am looking for individuals who want to immerse themselves in a lifestyle engineering experience, whereby their notions of what's possible for human transformation will be thoroughly exploded as a result of this immersion experience. These individuals must be without strings attached (no debt, no ulterior motives, not materialistic), high performance, Integrated Humans, and must have an interest in passing to the stage of a teacher of others along similar lines. These individuals can be any age, though must have 20 years of active life left in them to complete the goals. Their salary must be undefined - they are not wage slaves. They work out of passion, not extrinsic motivation. They can be from anywhere, though they must understand how to use the tools of modern communication, and must not be afraid to use tools that humanity has developed. These individuals must be without ego and selfishness, but driving for the highest good. These individuals are doing a project of their own now, and wanting to join forces, because they have much to gain in terms of reifying their responsibility. These individuals are committed and highly ethical, and already had some kind of a deep growth experience that got them to where they are today.

I want the audience to evolve to freedom.

Bigthink. Stanford ECorner. Mixergy. Mass Rollout.

Tue Jan 13, 2015


The most important thing that can happen for improving the state of the world today is for the first open source hardware product to dominate the market. The importance of this is that this can prove that open source production is a viable economic model. This can spawn a cascade of many open source products taking a majority market share. If a majority market share is taken by open source products, there is a resultant improvement in the quality of products and distribution of wealth, because a product that is better dominates. If every producer has access to the design (source code) of products, then every producer can make these better products. In such a system, many market players get a chance to play on an equal playing field. This is Jeffersonian democracy, generally accepted as sound.

Does this address environmental regeneration and social justice? Social justice - yes - by distributing productive power to more people and therefore addressing the inequality of wealth. Environmental regeneration? Yes, because if there are more producers, production is more distributed, and feedback loops on depletion of resources and on quality of life have a chance to inform production decisions. Simply, if production is closer to you, you care more about that production, because it affects your sphere of life. This constitutes a feedback loop that can be used for learning.

At the end of the day, environmental regeneration has to be an explicit effort by people that care. With a better distribution of wealth, more people have a chance to care, as less people are just trying to survive, and more are beginning to thrive.

Visually, little open source fish opens up a bigger-than-itself jaw and swallows up the proprietary monster.

Tue Jan 6, 2015

Ben Cabe, Joshua, Jeff Moe, Kliment, Sam Carlisle, Vinay, OSV Simone Cicero, Toronto Jones, Tim z corp founder, Instructables, Nathan King, Zach Makerbot, haxl8r, Ben Koo, micro grid guru, element 14 guy. Fred Eisele, Paul Neelands. Motor Control HIL. Bunniehuaang, lady Ada, Phil Torrance, Nathan sparkfun, seeed studio. Haxl8r.

Mon Jan 5, 2015

Big Event for Tractor Dev after April 31 and on August 18 weekend. One working group is build . Other working group is technique dev. would do well for proof of concept on dev techniques. Ties in to Product Release/Technique Release of 4/15. Plays in to OSE Fellows dev program. Plays in to Mark Shepard workshop. Curriculum - basic industrial ecology for prosperity - microstate infrastructure. GVCS is an application case. Waste closed loops.---today: donor thanks, end of year filing, TF update.---Add contracting - enforceability to Zachman. This is good for outsourcing. Can consider Design challenge on GrabCAD as part of methodology. Turnkey methodology package that includes funding as part of it. Part by stakeholders and part by foundations.--- Concrete plan for addressing pressing world issues. OSExtreme. From discission with Emily Aiken.

Sun Jan 4, 2014

Priorities 2015-2017 priorities. state rationale for each

  • Development Technique. Rationale.
  • book
  • Lean operations Protocol.
  • Communications Startegy. Place people in discussion with allied communities. Position this a s DE Group. Chapters. True fans. Blog. FB plus tsu + Diaspora. Create an app for Diaspora. Develop other technologies only with revenue from Workshops.
  • strategic plan. Clear positioning in milieu of Save the World Efforts.
  • business plan for scaling via OSE Campus. fellows, them Senior Fellows.
  • Training first 4 people. Pilot OSE Fellows on CEB. Technically savvy individuals. Specific learning outcomes. Specified in syllabus. Yes, one can do it. But can one get the whole picture of how design dev, community, XM workshop, theory, all fit together? You pay for the integration. Clarity on measurement and testing procedures. Once graduate, can move on to organizing the first event. 24 paying people at $300. Goal: have these 4 people succeed at starting their own operation. 2 in the USA, one in Europe, and one in Africa. And one in SA. One in Asia. One in Australia.Such as South Africa. Absolute clarity on

Ideas - community development - 2 venues: (1) OSE Nonprofit. Deep involvement. (2) OSE Network - allies and related discussion forums. TZM, RepRap, FarmHack, LaserSaur, One Community, Lulzbot, WikiSpeed, Velocar, have OSE energy.