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What It Is

An OSE Club is any group that engages in large-scale collaboration by using asynchronous or real-time collaboration. If you are an educator, mentor, consultant interested in shifting your students from class time to global collaboration time for solving pressing world issues - get collaborative literacy training from us, and help us change the world to a collaborative one. Contact us if you would like to transform your class from just meeting standards - to changing the world - email us at info at opensourceecology dot org.

Best Practice

Best case example: a classroom, equipped with OSE Collaborative Literacy - which engages in realtime collaborative design for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance. In practice: if teachers are trained in Collaborative Literacy, they can use class time to work with many other classrooms at the same time - on rapid development and prototyping. By using wikis, cloud editable docs, FreeCAD and other open source design tools, and prototyping tools - students can be equipped with a powerful collaboration skill set.

What? That's right. Development cycles for simple products can be on the order of minutes. Yet - collectively - by using proper modular breakdown - such an effort can contribute to massive development. In schools - this can teach design thinking, collaboration, prototyping, product development, applied STEM, psychology, programming, personal growth, growth mindset - and purpose - which is all rare to find in a school.

And best of all - this can contribute to bringing wealth back to communities - with real economically-significant products, 'jobs' in production via flexible manufacturing, and the effective restaking of control of any community's future.

Teachers, Students, and Mentors

For OSE Clubs, first we require a club mentor to get trained in OSE development methods. OSE provides the direction and guidance for meaningful, collaborative work where a number of schools or individuals can participate. If you are not a student or teacher, you can sign up to mentor a student team at a school near you.

How it Works

OSE can offer meaningful and world-changing collaboration on developing the Global Village Construction Set - set the founder's TED Talk.

Our focus is different than most other STEM or student clubs, in that we focus on real-world applications. Teams can take whichever roles they like, and different teams pull together to produce all the assets required for open source product development.

For the movement to grow and teams to grow, we provide a coordinating structure:

  1. First, we are developing 50 technologies. These can be broken down into small modules, so that many teams can work in parallel. We can work on the same projects, or on multiple projects
  2. We provide curriculum with an overview on each technology, presented in a way that can allow the most involvement. To this end, we start from a basic, first principles understanding of any topic. We provide a basic theory of how a technology works. We provide an integrated viewpoint from a Construction Set Approach, meaning that a wide range of use cases can occur. This allows for the broadest participation, and the modularity of our approach allows multiple teams and individuals to work in parallel.
  3. The curriculum ends with Requirements for specific, useful projects, agains which students and mentors can execute. We provide the heavy lifting in terms of a meaningful direction, and the student teams work on completion.
  4. We emphasize practicality, scalability, modularity, and ease of build. We collaborate between all teams on development, as an open source project should.
  5. We host quarterly build events, Coopetitions, where teams compete to build what they have been developing. The development time is collaborative - up to the development of effective production engineering for rapid builds. During the Coopetition, the winning team is the team that achieves desired performance in the least amount of time. This builds on all the collaborative work leading up to the build event.
  6. Each of the projects culminates in economic significance through productization. This means that we also work on the packaging: how to produce a product in a way that meets quality control requirements. Marketing a product on a website may involve website development, developing a product descripton and brochure, providing test data, a user manual, troubleshooting and repair guide, an online support forum, compliance certification, and more. Because OSE focuses on community economic development, we will develop an Extreme Manufacturing build manual - which is a manual for builders to build the product from scratch either by themselves or in a guided learning workshop. We also produce training materials for instructors, where we cover more about preparing kits and organizing a workshop in a local community.

OSE's Role

  • OSE is prducing curriculum packages for each of its 50 projects. Each project involves a 3 month currilum, and schools can sign up for curriculum on a yearly basis.
  • OSE's role is to provide the guidance for project success, and inspiration to show how we can make a better world with collaborative development and open hardware technology.
  • For each project, OSE provides several lessons explaining the technology, how it works, and how to build it effectively.
  • OSE provides Background Research that includes an analysis of industry standards so that students can understand what is possible, and what de*velopments still need to be done. This contributes to a solid motivation for why a project is important to making a better world.
  • Then OSE moves on to specific product requirements. These guide the desired product outcomes.
  • OSE provides guidance at the level of producing Model Kits and real machines.
  • Each curriculum package includes Overview Lessons, Exercises and Experiments, and Builds.
  • Model kits can be used for prototyping and teaching purposes, and they can also be turned into products that teams can build and sell.
  • OSE provides an entrepreneurial opportunity in terms of helping to produce all the desired designs and due diligence for productization - using an open source, collaborative approach that builds knowledge and wealth in communities.


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