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Mon Jul 27, 2020

Progress Report. To date, Dirk Log has build and run an OSE-inspired axial flux motor, and has built the D3D 3D printer in the Netherlands. William Log has built the D3D Pro as well when I was invited to London International Academy in London, Ontario. Currently there is forward motion in the USA on starting a Club in a technical school.

Clubs remain a good topic. Coordination is to be resolved, so that all Clubs collaborate. Ideally, we are spinning off enterprises, such as production of 3D printers, parts, kits.

To facilitate that, we announce a Development Track where OSE coordinates a specific improvement for a given year. The challenge is time of instructors and funding. Possible projects should reflect Current OSE Projects. A universal topic for schools is filament making: recycling plastic so that every cateteria makes money from its trash! This involved:

  1. Prototyping shredder parts
  2. Collaborating with tech shop teachers to produce shredders or CNC torch tables
  3. Access to D3D Pro 2 to print geardowns (larger, 12" print bed).
  4. Work on Open Source Electric Motor to make the motor part of the experience
  5. Work on power supply for the electric motor
  6. Work on DIY arduinos - to run the shredder with some reversing logic
  7. FreeCAD design
  8. Coding
  9. KiCad for electronics
  10. 3D Printed circuits.
  11. Enterprise - fundraisers and salas using the shredder as a project.
  12. For ambitious groups, this could involve large 3D printers.

This covers much of the STEAM Camps curriculum - and focuses on the printer/filament maker - including enterprise component. This also lends itself to university collaborations, with University Chapters collaborating on shredders/3D printing. The University teams move on to the hydrogen car (see Extreme U, which would have a 3D-printed body and drive components such as belts and electric motors, building upon the work in high schools.

Feb 28, 2019

-) No not really , just added you in a loop so that you know that old OSE True fan is searching an entrance hole in the Dutch=NL Edu system.
  Little backup story ...  I thought about it this summer after some crisis at my work place (cancer institute) , a  job in Edu system & uplifting  youth   make  sense to me much more  than prostituting hands / brain for $$ .   Later   I learned  Dutch system is  in acute need for High-school teachers Beta subjects  ... so 1+1 was clear sign for me ,  I resigned from science around the end of 2018 , this month  my notice term ended, now  I have some freedom to search  fro new Edu job ( till September/ new school year)  ... was happy to see your Newsletter about OSE Clubs few months ago when i directly contacted William,  Nice synchrony.
  Before i continue with my  reply/comments please check this recent 3min video from big think channel   :

https://bigthink.com/Lumina-Foundation/lumina-prize https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4UirLEq4go you seem to be the Entrepreneur man for new prize ... i just read, 1 more day to apply !?!

Please tell me more Branko about what you see as the limits of O&O - or how we can engage teachers. Current O & O is not super bad but is not useful & practical as OSE. I see what my daughter does for O & O : research some topic make video & PPT , very little practical stuff ...

  To engage ... I will  search for  technasium  network/ O&O network but i think Dirk knows more ,  also mr.Maco the  teacher i have as a contact knows it all. 
  At the end Teachers need to be enthusiastic &  willing to learn  basic OSE Curriculum and   start experimenting /piloting .  
  As far as i know  O&O   is only in Technasium High  schools,   but i think it is very important to check NON-Technasium  schools as  well.  For example I heard from this teacher that there is a rule in NL that every NL region/province can have only 1 technasium. But,  other schools in the same region  do not want to loose new beta/tech  students and are inventing other programs that include BETA / Tech .... I'm researching this last 1-2 months   I assume Dirk knows the system better .     
  I will meet with Dirk today to hear his opinion & status.   Dirk i would need some tips & strategy  in approaching the schools for a job ,  my personal  aim for employment  was  to either :

E1) Enter some school in September as a teacher of Physiscs / Math / Informatics/ ... or whatever Beta they have and from there open new pilot subject. E2) Or, Direct (not sneaking approach ) Search for schools that experiment with EDU methods and start ASAP to presenting them OSE clubs idea .. hopefully they would be wiling to take me as a teacher for that club...

Oh i think important ... I asked William for some promo material and he told me they are already in process of making some. Like Powerpoint or Maybe short 5min video about how OSE.Club@school could work so i can show it to more receptive /experimental school . Or maybe you Marcin can make one ?

I am ready to provide a wide range of curriculum projects, where we can basically gather data and make small incremental improvements and arrive at useful technology Great, i was thinking like once some receptive school is found (by Dirk or me ) , we show some promo material/video and if they are willing , we could invite you or William for remote chat with school.

I have a lot of practical projects in mind of how we blend real industry with school learning. I'm sure in that :) I'm interested in PBL -Project base learning method , that makes most sense if filled with Project around OSE tech + Food (Aquaponics+ Plants +permaculture) ... and I know some schools are experimenting with PBL , just need to find them , they are likely not Technasium that uses O & O ).

Thus, what would be our next steps for inserting OSE into dutch O&O? So Me & Dirk will inform you ASAP what we discuss today and then we can hear what you & William advise. I will also chat with O&O teacher again in March after i apply in that school (E1 method above) ... New year is in September so there should be enough time to get one school on board.

That appears to be a clear avenue in the Netherlands, Also I think Colleges and Univ. Bachelor programs should be relevant and likely more OSE useful, think about minor/major projects for their degrees ... (there are several tech colleges and at least 3 Tech univeristies in NL ).

which makes me think that other countries may have similar programs. I could check 6 countries of former Yugoslavia, but you could contact old list of people from OSE-Europe: https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/OSE_Europe/People and/or make fresh newsletter :-)

Keep in touch, B.