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OSE is an applied social experiment to reinvent the world. The end game of OSE is creating global villages of tomorrow as points of light for transforming surrounding economies. The current paradigm for OSE is to build OSE Campuses worldwide, according to the principles of open source ecology.

Building a new world requires a culture shift in society to a collaborative mindset. This starts with learning the tools and skills to be responsible denizens. This is a significant 'human resources' challenge, as the number of collaborative people is low. Part of the OSE paradigm is to educate people towards a collaborative mindset that leads one to pursue transformative movement entrepreneurship as a way of life. Needless to say, this world view is based on principles of open source. For OSE, we go deeper - to an explicitly distributive way of doing open source, which we call Distributive Enterprise.

Getting Involved

If you would like to get involved, we are looking for developers of a new way of life. Currently, our work revolves around developing civilization's infrastructures under the open source paradigm. This is reflected in our development of the Global Village Construction Set. Specifically - we develop tools and skills, and the education curriculum needed to disseminate these. The specific outcomes are economically significant products and infrastructures - and ways of making them economically significant - even if the mainstream economic system does not endorse public-interest development at the level of the material economy. To address this, we engage in open source product development, which includes ways to inject regenerative practice into the current economy. The day-to-day of this is creating open source product designs, and developing enterprise models by which livelihoods can be created around these products. We are developing an ecosystem of products that follow OSE Specifications. The end goal is mass creation of right livelihood and self-determination as a new foundation for a modern economy.

If you would like to get involved...

If your interest is long-term, hands-on involvement in developing the Open Source Economy, you can start by joining our Development Team, where we have regular weekly meetings. Come to our Workshops to meet us in person, or build our Kits. Invite us to present lectures or run workshops in your location. At our headquarters, we offer one day, one week, and one month training. This is part of our recruiting effort where we get to meet potential builders of the world's first open source campus to reinvent the world. Like Gaviotas but more replicable , and thus adding to significant scientific and cultural progress.

Immersion Entrepreneurship Education

Once you have met us for a day workshop, participated in a week-long immersion, or a longer one month program - you will get a good feeling for what we are about. If the relationship is working, we invite you to go deeper into OSE as your way of life.

The next level of involvement is training that leads you to full time work in collaboration with OSE. We do not pay you - we train you to start an enterprise in collaboration with us. We do not believe in creating more employees - but we do believe in creating entrepreneurs. This is a mark that you can execute, and we support you in that.

We are committed to creating responsible people who are independent of funding sources. Because one can't bite the hand that feeds them, we all create the kind of world that we live in right now. We are Ruined By Design - specifically via the institutions that we create. Breaking free of this millennial pattern requires that we are, in general, not employees.

The students who participate in one month training are known as OSE Fellows in Training, and if they succeed in running an enterprise successfully - will be known as OSE Fellows. OSE Fellows who graduate after 1 year of full time work are called OSE Senior Fellows. OSE Senior Fellows, after 2 years of running a regenerative, open source enterprise successfully, with visible impact on their local community - qualify to train to become Open Source Ecologists. Training for Open Source Ecologists is a 4-year university equivalent Bachelor's Degree. Such training qualifies candidates to build a whole or partial OSE campus or development facility. Continuing education goes up to the Master's level - with another 2 years of training. The highest level of education goes up to the Ph.D. equivalent level. Provided original research and a contribution to innovation - the Ph.D. thesis work is intended to be incorporated into the main OSE Campus design.

Intended Audience

Our intended audience is people who would like to create the open source economy by engaging directly in its development. This means - potential entrepreneurs engaging in Distributed Market Substitution.

The OSE Campus invites people who are interested in a farmer-scientist lifestyle that enables one to tackle Global Grand Challenges. The core mission of the OSE Campus is both to act on these challenges, and to train others to do likewise. The economic model of the OSE Campus is Neosubsistence, education, and production of goods and services. The core metric of success for OSE is the number of self-determined livelihoods that have been created, according to a Self-Determination Metric.