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OSE is pleased to announce that we are formally beginning the formation of national chapters around the world. OSE Chapters are independent collaborators certified by OSE to carry out the OSE Vision.


  1. OSE_National_Chapters - regional and national chapters
  2. OSE_Chapters_at_Universities - begin developing the open source economy while you are in college
  3. OSE Meetups - start a meetup in your town and work towards completion of the Global Village Construction Set by developing derivative products that lead to the Open Source Economy.
  4. OSE_Clubs Collaboration - Start an OSE Club - Get students involved in large-scale collaboration by turning class time into global collaboration time. See
  5. Global_Classroom_Initiative - turn your classroom into a hotspot of global collaboration.
  6. OSE_Incentive_Challenge - annual grand event
  7. Chapter Notes
  8. OSE Chapters Coordination - scheduling meetings between OSE Clubs, Meetups, Chapters, University Chapters, and Global Classrooms.
  9. OSE Chapters Proposal

Study of Industry Standards

How do other groups do it?

  1. Habitat for Humanity campus chapters - [1]