Open Hardware Business Models

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Ebay Seller


  • Buys in bulk, creates kits for a single machine.
    • May or may not include 3D printed parts.

Fully Assembled

  • no name brand
  • based on an open design (example: reprap, prusa)

Fully branded Open Design

Open Business to Open Business

Local Business to Local Consumer

  • Example: 3Dhubs, OpenDesk
    • Match making website collects consumer request, hires local manufacturer to make
    • Website typically closed source, designs usually open source

OSE Proposals

Local Open Business to Local Open Business

  • OSE could run a match making website for small local business to specialize in certain products that feed to final assembly/consumer facing sales businesses.
    • Example: Hydraulics modules could be built by one business and be sold to a Lifetrac assembler


See Also

  • OpenBazaar
  • Open Core v1.0 and v2.0 - [2]
  • 4 biz models for open source software - [3]


OSE has an education model for manufacturing: franchising operations through education.

  1. Step 1. OSE develops an enterprise
  2. Step 2. OSE teaches that enterprise as a Distributive Enterprise
  3. Step 3. Distributed Market Substitution of hardware products occurs.