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Open Source Ecology Prior Work

  • ECE 480 team - A basic Arduino driven inverter circuit without the DC-DC step-up portion is pictured and detailed in the ECE480 final report linked from the replimat power inverters page. The software they wrote to drive it works, but is less than ideal. If you built a few and lashed them up for testing, I'd be happy to help improve the code.
  • Power Panel
  • 3D Printed Terminal Block
  • Part of Open Source PV System
  • Universal Power Supply - generic power supply. The open source inverter is one part of this power supply.
  • Remote camera power - Solar Power Station.

Other Open Source Work

  • Related work - solar charge controller, but for lithium bats - LibreSolar


  • There is a boatload of Arduino Inverters on the web, but none of them are product level, just prototypes.
  • OSE Germany has an open source charge controller, but the controller per se is not modular. It is for lithium ion, and not sustainable battery types like the Nickel Iron Battery.

2016 Work

Not Open

Perhaps an inverter like this would make a good development target:

It seems to use a common PWM inverter control IC / board:

That'd be the part to reverse / reimplement on Arduino. Way easier than building the whole inverter.