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Effective video communication is key to Open Source Ecology's work. As we replicate our operations worldwide, it is important to teach new people effective video communication skills: how to produce high quality video communications - BUT with open source hardware, software and collaboration principles. A quick google on Open Source Film Studio does not yield relevant results. Open Source Cinema and Blender do exist as useful tools. A simpler hardware tool is the Raspberry Pi Tablet Film Studio, which is a product being developed in the Open Source Microfactory STEAM Camp.

But that is just scratching the surface. We are interested in professional grade timelapses, collaborative video editing, broadcasting, aerial photography, and more.


Key capacities include:

  1. Green screen for background talking heads
  2. Library of special effects and transitions
  3. Intro/outro for videos - a library of folders with Kdenlive + Source, with source as links to Google Photos
  4. Icon Library for 2D animations. Icons reconciled with hand drawings. This is how you learn to draw.
  5. RSA-Animate style hand software - imagine the hand combined with icons - to draw them readily for construction sets of 50/500 for the technosphere, and more for other areas
  6. Hand-drawn overlay over live video - like they do in sports for plays. Here we can annotate build procedures over video. One way would be a background 48" monitor, with transparency film in front. We simply take video of the video - which includes the live person doing the annotation. Ideal could perhaps be desktop surface, so it's comfortable to do this - but for body ergonomics and posture - standing up to do annotation would be better - the less lazy way. Just like a scrum standup - it should not be done sitting down.
  7. Background monitor - for news room video, but if edges of monitor are not shown, that is an analog version of digital compositing. Talking head in front of explanatory video. This could also be used for hand-drawn overlay - if there is a transparent board in front of the TV screen - could be as simple as clean glass or plexiglas.
  8. Video feeds from open source IP cameras, on site, or remote. Arduino IP Camera. At any time - live feeds should be occurring, accessible through Jitsi on specific addresses.
  9. Acoustic studio with soft walls. 3D printed sound walls.
  10. Remote control FPV rovers - for site work and even IP control of tasks such as weeding. Weeding robots double up as IP cameras on controllable motion platforms. This could even be sold as a service.
  11. Remote control IP drones. This can involve remote participation and therefore more thorough digitization of infrastructures for thriving. See Video Memory


Some more specific capacities to be developed include:

  • Background music, beats, and sound studio using open source tools. Derivatives of Open Source Ecology Anthem.
  • Broadcasting - mastering OBS Studio for scene switching including open source hardware scene switcher. News show, video show for cultural creation towards the open source economy.
  • Video - with Kdenlive backbone. Includes compositing for markup and overlays of images for purposes of explainer video. Markup of vidoe includes RSA Animations, whiteboard, and blackboard instructionals.
  • Studio for podcasting with greenscreen background. Includes live interviews.
  • Assembly instructional and product photo shoot studio.
  • Capacity to do animations with Blender, interoperating between FreeCAD, SweetHome3D, Blender, and Kdenlive.
  • Screencasting - with effective scene switching
  • Remote control and autonomous roversu, utility vehicles, and aerial vehicles with camera capture across the OSE facility to capture work in progress, and feeds from other locations. Remote monitoring and long-term timelapse capture.


  • Mike - Lava Mike
  • Cameras
  • OBS software setup
  • Remote cameras and capture via IP. 4k.

Canon EOS SL3

Manual - [1]


Akaso V50 Pro


Solar Power Station

Actual Build




Part Library

Visual History:



Shopping List

  • [2] Canon SL3 with battery. [2]
  • Canon SL3 DC coupler
  • [1] Canon 6D [3]
  • Canon 6D DC coupler
  • [4] Akaso v50 Pro [4]
  • Heavy duty ball head [5]
  • USB A to mini adapter for Akaso power - [6]
  • PV panels - [7]
  • 300W inverter - [8]
  • Waterproof charge controller - [9]
  • 6D charge coupler - [10]
  • SL3 charge coupler - [11]. Note power supply is same, just insert is different for 6D.
  • 128G SD [12]
  • Power bank 10k mA [13]

Working Doc


Various Hardware

  • For cell phones as cameras - Remote control for cell phones allows you to take shots remotely by pressing a button - [14]


  • NextCloud Server has all the collaboration tools needed.
  • LBRY has is a great solution for hosting files: 3D, video, pictures, anything.



  • Feedback from students/ testimonials: what could be improved, what are the positives?
  • Time lapses on each project.
  • High quality audio/ video on key processes.