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Open Source Inverter
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Product Ecology 3D printing produces the plastic insulators and structure, Open Source Screw Machine (CNC Multimachine)) produces screws and heatsinks, Induction Furnace provides metal from scrap, such as Zinc-Aluminum Alloy. D3D CNC Circuit Mill can produce the circuits, such as for a Minimalist Arduino or an off-shelf Arduino Mega.
License OSHWA and OSI compliant. CC-BY-SA-4.0 International, GPLv3, DIN SPEC 3105.
Arduino Mega brain Mega with LCD is used as in Universal Controller
Power Modules Based on Power Panel concept of modular, air-cooled power transistor units.
Key Specification Scalability from 1-50kW
Construction 3D printed parts + COTS arduino, metal case. Terminal blocks for input and output. Cooling part is electrically isolated, via plastic base mount.
Productivity Relevant to small and large power applications from small off-grid power units such as the Solar Power Station to Open Source PV System, and power for larger, autonomous facilities.
Completion Status
Design phase, 2/21/21. See also Genealogeis and Status of Completion.
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Development Template
Description Link to Work Product  %
1 Requirements + Value Proposition Open Source Inverter Requirements + Value Proposition 50
2 Industry_Standards Open Source Inverter Industry Standards 20
3 Conceptual Design Open Source Inverter Conceptual Design 0
4 Module Breakdown Open Source Inverter Module Breakdown 0
5 Design Guide Open Source Inverter Design Guide 0
6 3D CAD Open Source Inverter 3D CAD 0
7 Calculations Open Source Inverter Calculations 0
8 Electronics Design Open Source Inverter Electronics Design 0
9 Wiring and Plumbing Open Source Inverter Wiring and Plumbing 0
10 Software Open Source Inverter Software 0
11 BOM Open Source Inverter BOM 0
12 vBOM Open Source Inverter vBOM 0
13 CAM Files Open Source Inverter CAM Files 0
14 Cut List Open Source Inverter Cut List 0
15 Build Instructions Open Source Inverter Build Instructions 0
16 Fabrication Drawings Open Source Inverter Fabrication Drawings 0
17 Exploded Part Diagram Open Source Inverter Exploded Part Diagram 0
18 Production Engineering Open Source Inverter Production Engineering 0
19 Build Pictures and Video Open Source Inverter Build Pictures and Video 0
20 Data Collection Open Source Inverter Data Collection 0
21 Future Work Open Source Inverter Future Work 0
22 Troubleshooting and Repair Open Source Inverter Troubleshooting and Repair 0


See minute 12:40 regarding motivation for Global Village Construction Set open source inverter: - 2012_OHS_Leah_Buechley. From on

Inverter Design

  • An inverter design paper that has some good theory and citations worth checking out - [1]

OSE Work

  • Power Panel - one application could be an open source inverter.