Pen Plotter Printing Methods

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Cartesian Plotter

  • May need a better name
  • Uses continous lines, which are often curved
  • Method well documented ( need to add internal links here )
  • Requires file conversion

Raster Scan

  • A Hybrid of "Cartesian Plotter" and "Dot Matrix"
  • Uses dashed lines gradually scanned down an image
  • MAY be able to be done with less code work? (since displays did this for "hd" to CRT conversion?) (ie use standard files?)

Dot Matrix

  • Uses a pen going up and down, yet not dragging to essentially create pixels
  • Most systems will be relitively low PPI , but supposedly dedicated systems reached ~240ppi, and this was with non-cnc/3d printer grade hardware?
  • Also may be a function of time (lower travel speed allows for more "dots")
  • May modify the Open Source Pen Holder Toolhead to have a solenoid for "pulsing" the pen up and down in sync with the code for more dots per mm etc

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