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A pen plotter is a type of computer-controlled drawing machine that uses pens, markers, or other writing tools to produce high-precision drawings and graphics on paper or other surfaces. Unlike other types of printers that use raster graphics or dots, pen plotters use vector graphics to create continuous lines with great accuracy and detail.

Pen plotters were commonly used in engineering, architectural and design fields before the advent of computer-aided design (CAD) software, as they allowed for precise and detailed line drawings of complex designs. They were particularly useful for creating technical drawings, blueprints, and maps, and were often used in large-scale printing operations.

XY plotter or cartesian plotter

The most common type of Pen Plotter consists of a flatbed surface onto which paper or other media is placed, and a movable arm that holds the pen or marker. The arm moves across the surface of the paper, guided by computer-controlled motors and a series of belts or gears, to produce the desired lines and shapes. Modern pen plotters may also use laser technology or other advanced writing tools to produce even more detailed and intricate drawings.

Drum plotters

Drum plotters use a rotating drum instead of a flatbed surface. The paper or media is wrapped around the drum, and the pen or marker is mounted on a movable arm that moves along.

Egg plotters

Egg plotters are machines that can print on round or egg shaped surfaces.

Inkjet plotters

These plotters use a series of inkjet nozzles to spray ink onto the paper or media surface, creating detailed and high-quality drawings.

Electrostatic plotters

These plotters use electrostatic charges to attract toner or ink particles to the paper or media surface, creating lines and shapes.

Laser plotters

These plotters use a laser beam to heat the paper or media surface, creating marks that can be used to produce high-quality and detailed drawings.

D3D Plotter

The D3D Universal can be modified into an XY Pen Plotter using the Pen Head attachment. Like 3D Print files, you can control your Plotter with G-code. You can create files in Inkscape and use a process and plugin to generate the G-code.

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