Prospective Models of The Organizational Structure of Post-Development, Post-Decentralization, Post-Fossil Fuel, Economies

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  • This page aims to outline what the relevant Scales of the economy/materials economy would be in a Post-Development, Post-Decentralization, Post-Fossil Fuel System
  • This could be applied to any scale, but this page will focus on National and International Scale
  • Need to get studies / whitepapers on related concepts

Levels of Scale in the Model

  • May need a better name

Most Relevant


  • This refers to either a person/family/grops House or section of a Multi-Group Housing Complex
  • Essentially all the possesions a person/group of people would personally have
  • Main "Relevent Things" are:
  • A PC workstation
    • Some form of Smartphone
    • Some form of/quick access to AR/MR/VR systems
    • All the Utilities (and thus a Microgrid which ties into the higher up tiers)
    • A Desktop FDM 3D Printer
      • Not the same level of tech / capability as the ones in a local makerspace etc, but it can get small tasks done in a short period of time, with no transit
    • Some form of printer (ie an Inkjet Printer , or a Dot Matrix Toolhead for their printer)
      • For documents, and photos
        • Paperless is the goal, but things like decorations/reminders will still probably have some form of tangible aspect


  • This refers to the level of a community
  • Should be no more than what one could travel to in 30 minutes or less (is that time accurate, also may want to factor in distance AND transportation time?)
  • Nearly all goods and services exist at this level


  • This is used in the USA, is this an common term elsewhere?
  • Essentially multiple communities, and probably a major city center etc
  • Medium Scale Industry (Which in this Economy Becomes The Equivalent of Heavy in Most Cases, due to The Partial Demise of Mass Manufacturing ) , and Medium Scale Commerce, and Heavy Scale Residential use
  • Also the beginnings of Transit Networks


  • For 2/3 of people's daily activities, this would be the highest relevant level
  • Most materials wouldn't "flow" beyond here
  • Mainly Consists of Administrative Networks, Transit Networks
  • Also Mining/Heavy Industry That are VERY location dependent, or difficult to practically do at lower levels such as
  • Also the lower levels of a Super Grid begin here

Relevant, Yet Only in Specific, Large Scale, Less Common Aspects


  • This would be mainly for administrative, diplomatic, large scale transit, and social safety net purposes (sometimes called a "Minarchy" in relevant literature)
  • Also deals with disaster relief and epidemic/pandemic response
  • Large Ammount of Large Scale Inter-State Transit Networks , Power Grid , and Communications Infastructure


  • This is similar to how "national is to state" but even lesser so
  • Also deals with disaster relief and epidemic/pandemic response
  • Mainly deals with "in-continent inter-national" transit, communications, and energy


  • Essentially what the UN is now, most likely with less, if any military role, and as a much "Stronger UN" (ie binding treaties, no vetos etc)
  • Large Scale Treaties, Projects, and Rules/Guidelines
  • Deals with the largest aspects of the Super Grid , With intercontinental transit, and Cross-Ocean Communications Cables
  • Also deals with disaster relief and epidemic/pandemic response

Condensed Applications

  • IE less clutter, but what the above would look like in specific areas


  • Things like Data Centers, and Supercomputers, Due to the electical power use, and the heat generated will most likely be located in the (ant)artic as they are now for cheap cooling, and often geothermal power (especially as things like Enhanced Geothermal Systems grow)


  • Small Scale for things like Bio-Diesel and Charcoal Fuels (even to per household/farm level)
  • Community, County, and State level Infastructure and Facilities for Biorefineries and distrubution of said products
  • Potentially State/National/World Trade? (Would this become obsolete due to decentralization, and alternative Energy Carriers (such as CNG / LNG , Hydrogen , and HVDC power

Communications Infastrucuture

  • Decentralized on a Local Level (Communities doing things via Free The Net style networking)
    • This also applies to rurual areas via [[Atmospheric Laser Networking] / [[Atmospheric Laser Communications] ? (need to determine name)
  • Larger Inter-Community (ie county level and above) would be centralized
  • Mainly
    • Coaxial Cable Interlinks (May be obsolete, especially by the time the world gets to this level)
    • Fiber Optic Communications Infastructure
    • Communication Satellite Constellations (especially such as "Starlink" which uses small (but maybe not Cubesat level small?) satellites in LEO) would be centralized, but cost could come down, but ultimetley space clutter issues make one central system optimal from that perspective
    • All the Servers etc

Electrical Grid

  • Hybrid Grid of Microgrids and a larger Supergrid for Energy Trading and redundancy/spreading things out (need term for this)
  • Home Scale Lead Acid Storage or some sort of small cheap battery bank, and some form of Thermal Storage (also look into Supercapacitors instead of batteries, due to small total capacity (also get a number on this)
  • Community Scale FES banks
  • Community Scale Simple Power-to-X , most likely hydrogen and/or SNG (potentially with cryogenic, or large high pressure storage
  • Inter-Community (Ie county scale) transmission (Need to see if HVDC Power Transmission makes sense at this scale)
  • Inter-State HVDC Power Transmission Lines
  • The same all the way up to world if able, minus large un-crossable distances, however Underwater Cable technology, as well as the advantages of HVDC may allow for this?
    • Also Energy Carriers in a large ship, or even a pipeline may be less "lossy" ?
  • Also large storage of energy in huge Pumped Hydroelectric Storage , and Salt Dome Fuel Storage from P2X derived fuels

Engineered Wood Products and Paper

Transportation Infastructure

  • Decentralized Production of Busses , Cars , Small Aircraft , Small Watercraft , Velomobiles , and nearly everything short of large aircraft, watercraft, and trains (however these are potentially decentralize-able as well)
  • Would probably need centralized certification+testing (ie Crash Testing , Weather/Reliability Testing (need a word for those corses cars can run through with the mud, and salt spray and thermal cycling etc)
  • Centralized Funding/Production of Roadways , especially at the inter-county and inter-state levels
  • Centralized Control of Airspace (ie aircraft control...obiously don't want crashes etc)
  • Potentially could have many small airports+airstrips rather than a few "hubs" ( there is a book on this, add it here later )
  • Railways would be centrally funded/produced
  • Pipeline Transport would be centrally funded/produced
  • Potentially could have Decentralized Road/Rail Maitenence (ie community level "pothole" fixing, not some county/state official, GRANTED wouldn't work for interstates well, but could reduce workload, allowing for a smaller central workforce)

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