Prototyping Plan Q2 2013

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Refining Plan

Based on 3 Month Prototyping Plan 2013:

  • CNC Torch Table based on OSHW-OSE-CNC Torch Table-v1
  • Bulldozer - 150hp power cube, 50 hp power cube, steering module, braking module, suspension
  • Backhoe
  • Microtractor
  • 1 Day Ironworker Machine
  • Car
  • Truck - heavy duty suspension


  • Assess Steam Engine, Gasifier Burner, Heat Exchanger
  • Parallelize CNC Circuit Mill, 3D Printer, Laser Cutter - formerly shown in Prototyping Plan
    • Create Development Route with Jeff Moe for Lulzbot 3D Printer, Addie for Laser Cutter - the Lasersaur, and Edward from Shapeoko, for the CNC Circuit Mill.
    • Evaluate option for integrating CNC Circuit Mill + Laser Diode, Lulzbot, Shapeoko, and Lasersaur into 1 machine or 1 machine type.
    • Extend Lasersaur to 150W system - needs geometry remake.


  • Draw up basic Google Doc concept drawings of machines
  • Draw up instructionals on Tablet - upgrade with real Sketchup models
  • Draw up CG Models for explainer to make design transparent - including how to make these via CNC torch table CAM. Sensationalize via radical scalability.
  • Compose Explainer Video - Dazzle with Shipping Container Story - or Full Printed on Tractor + Car to build a Trucktor.
  • Second Explainer on Mechanical Product Ecologies
  • Devise plan for 4 students
  • Deploy Rapid Prototyping Lab by end of April - CNC Torch + Laser + 3D Printer

  • Plan first Rapid Prototyping Charette for May 17, May 31, June 7, build 14 and 21, 28.
  • Video (sketch tablet + animation + icons) explainer on plan by Rob Kirk
  • Sketchup -> 2 Laser Cutter -> CNC Torch Table, or Sketchup -> 3x 3D Printer -> CNC Torch Table; also, CNC Circuit Mill to copy all electronics
  • See Modularity for general pattern language
  • Start Audrey on securing talent base, placing it into Google spreadsheets for each type of person.


This would require securing other professionals.

  • Jun 21-22 - Open Source MIG Welder power supply, OS wire feed, OS Gas feed, to standard gun.