3 Month Prototyping Plan 2013

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Prototypes Brief

Base Tier

Note: we are focusing on CNC Torch Table, Microtractor, Bulldozer, Ironworker, Backhoe, and Car.

Note: 6 prototypes are planned for Q2 2013. Could achieve 7 if Trucktor is outsourced to GrabCAD. If negotiations go well, we can secure up to 9 prototypes, and if small CNC machines go well, we could have 12 prototypes, one each week - assuming full time commitment by 3 full time staff + documentation support.

Rapid Prototyping Tier

Potential Designs from Collaborators

  1. Hadden Engine - Modern Steam Engine. Terry from SACA has built one, contact Tom Kimmel. Get a 3D Scan first, such as 123D Catch.
  2. Dobson Gasifier - if negotiated
  3. CNC Multimachine - Chuck
  4. 50 kW Wind Turbine]] - Eric Lang


  • Electrical grid - buried cable
  • 1 or more CEB/WikiHouse houses to be built to satisfy Kickstarter reward and to provide at least 1 staff house. See Microhouse 2013 Discussion.
  • Cleanup
  • Biogas Digester


  • Involve Product Lead, Documentation Manager, Tech Community Manager aggressively mid-month
  • Plan first Design Charette for June 1, 7, build 14 and 21.
  • Video (sketch tablet + animation + icons) explainer on plan by Rob Kirk
  • Sketchup -> 2 Laser Cutter -> CNC Torch Table, or Sketchup -> 3x 3D Printer -> CNC Torch Table; also, CNC Circuit Mill to copy all electronics
  • See Modularity for general pattern language