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The OSE brand centers around building the next civilization, which is by it's nature a proactive and creative endeavor. Possible for anyone who chooses it. Even the destitute. We sponsor anyone with a vision to change their life adopted for an exchange program of learning, transformation, to PhD level of Movement Entrepreneurship. Thus, this applies at every level of human existence. An Incubator indeed.

  1. Part of Topgrading, Mass Creation of Right Livelihood, the commandment of Distribute Wealth, Distributive Enterprise, DMS, brand of OSE in its Vision
  2. Core of OSE Forum brand, where any discussion is a question for tactical world transformation.
  3. OSE - a la 'wake up and check out', 'Integrate (psychosocial integration which includes physical integration) to an integrated human, get skills (growth mindset), go on FIRE, and transform (work as a movement Entrepreneur. For the destitute, this formula becomes get hired (to do honest work), the the other steps of a lifelong journey of transformation.
  4. Part of OSE Exile Services. The most interesting place in the world, via integration. Like a college campus, except explicitly dedicated to transformation, not training the power structure of the world.
  5. Part of Neoidealism and global integration towards freedom and away from authoritarianism.