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Topgrading means selecting the best from among many options. It is largely a practice of discovery - based on selection criteria - and followed by an assessment of options. It means choosing the best - which can also be the most expensive and challenging, but it is worth it if a robust option for Solving Pressing World Issues is required.

Things like seeking the Extraordinary, Peak Performers, and Superheroes. Everyone loves them and many want to be one. A Positive Psychology perspective indicates that anyone can do it, pending their 10,000 Hours.

Topgrading could apply to Subject Matter Experts, organizations, products, institutions, etc.

Objective Analysis of Global Issues

Is is critical to cultivate information sources that provide an accurate information.

  • Objective
  • Nonpartisan
  • Secular
  • Scientific
  • Universally trusted


  • RAND corporation - [1]. It's considered a Lean Left org [2]. Is it always about left or right?


The most inspiring act of collaborative development could be the coordination of a large number of Distributive individuals possessing significant technical knowhow and sharing it as open source. For CV/AI/Open Silicon/Hydraulics/Sensors/Robotic Arm/CNC, etc - the field is ripe for interdisciplinary synthesis. This requires highly skilled individuals with interdisciplinary skillsets to collaborate. Transforming fixed mindsets and bridging culture wars, while solving pressing world issues - this is the thing to do.

Enterprise Synthesis

We short circuit endless debate by going all in, full lifetime commitment. Starting at college age, with exit as one of the various enterprises that are not only transformative but also sublime. The elite track is for the Distributive Movement Entrepreneur who plays to greed to enable shared abundànce - linking this apparent contradiction.


Before topgrading, we must ask good questions. For example, we should not strive to be the best at being evil. We must select good things to pursue. Thus, topgrading must start with asking Important Questions.

Best Free Online Courses of All Time

If only this existed for real technology design

  1. Many university courses - [3]

The Most Innovative X

  • The most innovating architecture companies of 2021 - one of them does work for bootstrap nonprofits. [4].
    • 'Sponge City' concept by one Chinese company.

The Most Innovatitve Economics

  • Wealth inequality
  • Ending poverty. Inga Alleycropping
  • The most innovative distributive economic project?

The Most Successful World-Saving Projects

Twitter Feeds

  • List of 100 - [5]


See Potential Collaborator Topgrading

Most Affordable House in the World

There can be subsidized and non-subsidized versions.

Lists of Interesting Individuals

Industrial Robot

  • Thor robotic arm, CC-BY-SA.




  • Most innovative regenerative agriculture projects.
  • Immortality-seeking billionaires [7]
  • Projects that change the world - SolarCity went under, batteries are in still before they collapse to hydrogen. [8]