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Topgrading means selecting the best from among many options. It is largely a practice of discovery - based on selection criteria - and followed by an assessment of options. It means choosing the best - which can also be the most expensive and challenging, but it is worth it if a robust option for Solving Pressing World Issues is required.

Things like seeking the Extraordinary, Peak Performers, and Superheroes. Everyone loves them and many want to be one. A Positive Psychology perspective indicates that anyone can do it, pending their 10,000 Hours.

Topgrading could apply to Subject Matter Experts, organizations, products, institutions, etc.

Twitter Feeds

  • List of 100 - [1]


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Most Affordable House in the World

There can be subsidized and non-subsidized versions.

Lists of Interesting Individuals

Industrial Robot

  • Thor robotic arm, CC-BY-SA.