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Genius is the ability to hold two opposing viewpoints at the same time, and still be able to function. This implies the creativity, ability to distinguish nuance, and be sufficiently informed with a highly accurate Mental Model of reality.

Frequently, high IQ is labeled as genius, but that is a very narrow definition of genius and should be avoided when evaluating one's capacity to be an effective executive in life and business. Such genius may be criticized in the same sense as Specialization is for Insects. Mal-adaptive genius may be associated with mass murderers such as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. These individuals had sufficient executive genius to be extremely effective at certain tasks, but their overall positive contribution to civilization is highly questionable.

Note that 98% of Children Are Creative Geniuses. The task of society is to redesign itself to retain this level of genius into one's adulthood. See more at Great#Creative_Genius.

OSE thus follows the concept of Integrated Genius, which we also call the Integrated Human.

Recovery of Genius

If studies show that 98% of children are geniuses, then the task of civilization construction must begin with the recovery of genius. OSE proposes that we focus and invest deliberately in Learning How to Learn - a skill that is usually not taught in schools. Thus, a thorough re-invention of education is in order, with the basic task of Learning how to Learn as a primary objective. The Civilization Construction Program is OSE's 2024 effort in this direction.

Genius for a Better World

Intellectual genius, with the caveat of The Best and the Brightest, is found in 1/1000 people. [1]. OSE favors integrated genius - meaning holistic thinkers of lifelong emergence - who learn the skills to be authentic stewards of the world. We envision a balance of power based on proven principles or the wisdom of elders, as the world transitions fully from authoritarian to democratic regimes. Genius is the part of gaining responsibility, in order to displace dependence.

Genius Escape Velocity

At a certain point, once a person picks up enough 'hooks' - see Hook Theory of Memory - then one can hang more content in an unlimited way. Once one has enough content across disciplines, one can make further connections to produce creativity that to a normal person looks superhuman. When a person attains this high level of creativity, nothing is impossible, and this creativity is a powerful tool for human progress. Anybody with discipline can learn such genius, and teaching this genius in the intent of the 1000 Hour Curriculum.